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Uplifting Your Bad Mood

savvy javvy_work dress_best work dress_comfortable work wear_corporate fashion_michael stars_fendi sunglasses_sam edelman heels-Louis Vuitton bag_icy blonde hair_blonde lob_ponytail style
savvy javvy_work dress_best work dress_comfortable work wear_corporate fashion_michael stars_fendi sunglasses_sam edelman heels-Louis Vuitton bag_icy blonde hair_blonde lob_ponytail style
savvy javvy_work dress_best work dress_comfortable work wear_corporate fashion_michael stars_fendi sunglasses_sam edelman heels-Louis Vuitton bag_icy blonde hair_blonde lob_ponytail style
savvy javvy_work dress_best work dress_comfortable work wear_corporate fashion_michael stars_fendi sunglasses_sam edelman heels-Louis Vuitton bag_icy blonde hair_blonde lob_ponytail style
savvy javvy_work dress_best work dress_comfortable work wear_corporate fashion_michael stars_fendi sunglasses_sam edelman heels-Louis Vuitton bag_icy blonde hair_blonde lob_ponytail style

Okay so I felt like this post was extremely fitting given my current week. I honestly could list 100 things that annoyed me. This election, something silly at work (perhaps being on the road at 5AM this morning to get to a meeting), feeling like my friend was not being thoughtful of my feelings in a situation, missing my dinner partner (Eric being gone on the East Coast and Vegas) and feeling like I have been overeating and definitely not fitting in my halloween oh and identity location crisis NY, LA or OC? Small world problems? ABSOLUTELY. But that is A-okay. People think that just because there are bigger issues in the world you are not allowed to have feelings. WRONG, it would be insane not to. Just in moderation. Like don't only sweat the small stuff and not care about the REAL big issues in life. 

Personally, I am a sensitive person. I love the people in my life so much (including my colleagues!) that I bring them in like family. Sometimes it is a WONDERFUL thing as I have been able to grow some incredible friendships with people and sometimes people you bring close just suck and disappoint you a lot. Sometimes you realize that what you identify as being a good friend (or whatever your relationship is with that person) doesn't always align with that the other person thinks or is willing to give back. Basically if you are not a ride or die/loyal for life friend, fam member or lover...then bye! HAHA no but really, you are saving yourself from heartache and future disappointment. You can gradually let go of a person too, sometimes when it is abrupt, it sucks for both parties.

Anyways, I wanted to think of some things that make me happy so I made a list below:

  • quality time with people (consistently...I think consistency in any friendship is important)
  • walking by the ocean at my favorite spot in OC
  • seeing my parents happy
  • date night
  • getting dressed up
  • reading a good article or blog post
  • shopping (obv)
  • bubble bath
  • drinking wine in an outdoor patio sitting by the fire (specific enough?)
  • yoga (which I really miss so much and have been so sad I have not gone in over a year. I injured my neck (bulged discs) and working out has been a huge missing happy component that I have not been able to incorporate in my life.
  • travel (needing a getaway! Where should I go?)
  • my moms cooking
  • words of affirmation from the ones I love
  • feeling supported by family and friends
  • Flowers for any occasion (not just from your S/O either. I love when my dad brings Orchids arrangements and peonies to my mom and I)
  • seeing a butterfly or little birdie (makes me think my brother is visiting me)

Genuinely interested in hearing the things that make you happy! Send me an email! 

PS this gorgeous black leather dress was the perfect pick me up dress on my gloomnation day! Nothing a stylish Michael Stars dress and a good pair of heels cant fix!


Photographer: @JennyMegenney

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Nudes are My Favorite

I am always on the go. It can be a bit exhausting, but at the same time, I find stagnant things in life to be quite boring, so as I quickly become overwhelmed, I do a few breathing exercises to remind myself the importance of being resilient.

While we are on the topic of resilience, let's talk about the need to be resilient in this life. The one answer interviewers love hearing about a candidate is that they are "resilient in their efforts at work". So why just settle at work, why not just be resilient in general. Being resilient does not necessarily mean to be a workaholic. It means that you work hard at the tasks in front of you. Whether that be being a girl boss at the office, or being a complete girl boss at home and managing a husband, children and keeping the house in order. You can be resilient in your health practice as well! I try to do breathing exercises, meditation breaks and stretches every day to keep my mind and body happy. Try it ;) Treat yo self!

Alongside my resilience obsession, I am also resilient in my commitment to being fashion forward, yet not breaking the bank. Pictured here, I mixed fast fashion with a few pricier staple pieces that I wear over and over again. I absolutely love mixing whites and nudes, they look so polished when they are worn together in the right way. If you are terrified of white pants, go for a pair of khaki or beige trousers. But coming from someone who treks on the subway, just don't sit and you will be golden!

Photographer: Selwyn Ramos

Top: Zara or similar

Pants: Zara or similar or similar

Jacket: Club Monaco or similar

Shoes: Louise et Cie

Purse: Chloe


Day to Night in San Francisco

I love wearing pieces that I can take from the office to happy hour. My girlfriends call me the day  to night queen as I rarely have time to run home and change between meetings. Especially when I am at our headquarters in SF, it is a rarity when I can run back to my hotel room to change before running to dinner, so picking pieces that are versatile are super important to me. 

This dress is perfect as it hugs the body in all the right places and it has sex appeal. To cool down the sex appeal during the day, you can wear a lightweight scarf around your neck and cover up your chest and you can pair it with a blazer. Since I work at a creative agency, I have the flexibility to wear leather coats to work (less formal), so I just paired mine with a leather coat to take me into the night!

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Orange You Glad It's Spring?

I was thrilled for Spring this year. I finally can pull out my bright colors to pair with jeans on casual Friday. I fell in love with this beautiful blazer in orange from Banana Republic. It is perfect with a pair of white or dark blue jeans or even pair it with a khaki or floral skirt at work. Trousers would work too! Whatever fits you best.

For my outfit here, I wore skinny white jeans, a blue button top, nude heels, pretty jeweled necklace (also from Banana) and topped it off with the bright blazer. I feel like this is a great look for brunch or a casual work day. It's also a great 'meet the parents' look for all of you out there who may need to meet your SO parents soon! 

Hope how you liked how I paired these together! Wishing you all a fabulous day.


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Products provided by Banana Republic. All opinions and style choices are my own.

Girl Boss Attire- What to Wear to Work

I am always on the hunt for cute, stylish and price-friendly work clothes. I love spending on purses and shoes, because I can use those everyday, but since I like to fill my closet with clothes, I tend to not splurge as much and go to sites like WearAll to buy my cute fast fashion items.

I loved this lapel coat paired with a black mock-neck midi-dress. It is chic and extremely elegant for all of your girl bosses out there. Check out how I paired this with lace up gladiator heels and a Celine bag! Which I have been coveting for a very long time!

Don't Celine Me On

I had such a wonderful day with Photographer Runak Chavoshi shooting this pre-summer look! Since our weather is a bit bi-polar, this look allows you to show off some leg. We happened to shoot this look before I wen't blonde, so please don't mind my seemingly bi-polar hair! 

When it comes to handbags, my two favorite luxury brands of all time are Chanel and Celine. Here I am wearing a Celine Luggage Tote Bag. This bag is so chic to carry to any business meeting or just in general if you are a tote-bag carrying kind of girl. The leather is extremely soft yet sturdy and I swear the bag is worth every penny!

To match with the neutral look of the bag, I opted for a similar colored heel, white tennis dress with navy piping and light natural makeup tones.

Enjoy! xo

Juno Vibes in LA

As many Angelenos were complaining about the rain on their ride home from work last night (I am included in this), the East Coast was on house arrest from Juno. Secretly I would be tickled if people rented the 2007 movie Juno while being forced to stay inside due to Juno the storm! Only fellow hipsters would sign up for something like that!

To stay warm and cozy during the rainy Monday day I wore a chunky knit sweater dress and over the knee suede boots. These boots are everything any more, and extremely affordable. They are a must have in any fashionistas closet! 

Check out my look below!


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Dress: Ami Clubwear or Similar

Boots: Black Suede Boots


Holiday Style for the Moments of Chic campaign with Piperlime x Savvy Javvy

I needed a perfect outfit for a holiday party and my go-to was of course Piperlime. I wanted something fun and vibrant. Just because it is the holidays you don't have to stick to sparkles and sequins. Instead, I added in sparkly accents with my From St. Xavier bag and my ankle strap pointed-toe pumps. 

Now onto this completely perfect girly dress! I am a big fan of the brand Stylestalker. I am obsessed with their instagram account and my favorite blazer I wear all the time is from them. This dress mixes chic with sexy. The floral print and the A-line bottom half of the dress make this look dress look like you are the queen bee of the lady of leisure life. The cut out of the dress brings a little edge to the look. To also add to the the edge I threw on a leather motorcycle coat.

You will not do wrong with this outfit at any holiday party you attend this season.

Check out the look and links below! 




Shop the rest of my look at Piperlime or click the links above! xo

Necklace: Wwillthebeast

Bracelet: Elise M Collection

Casual Friday: Savvy Javvy x Piperlime "Moments of Chic"

I am very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Piperlime for their Moments of Chic campaign. My forte is corporate fashion and it could not be more fitting than to post an outfit from Piperlime as they are my go-to for business chic attire. I will admit, I also go on there and splurge on their cute casual wear as well since they have over 250 different brands on their site!

With this collaboration with Piperlime, I had an opportunity to play with Citizen's of Humanity denim and an icy creamy gold sheer top by Rhyme Los Angeles. To add some flair I added a blazer from Banana Republic and the it-bag of the year (which happens to be sold out until December 2014), the Mansur Gavriel mini black flamma bucket bag. This outfit can be dressed up with black pumps, or dressed down with some Superga white high tops (just ditch the blazer). Whatever your preference is, you will not go wrong with this outfit. Check out the pics from my #momentsofchic shoot!


Ditch the blazer for a more casual look!

OR..ditch the blazer and the heels and throw on some high-tops for a daytime look!

Journey with Javvy: Paris- the Louvre Museum

I have a freak obsession with art, so of course a trip to the Louvre museum was on my mandatory list. This museum is quite the spectacle in Paris and it is ALWAYS busy (rightfully so). On my walk from the Westin Vendome in Paris to the Louvre, I ran into a cute street that had a ton of cafes and restaurants. It almost reminded me of the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade but a total upgrade from there. I made it a point to stop by as many dessert spots possible and try their macaroons and the raspberry mousse cake. I do not know what they put in the desserts in Paris but there is some incredibly special ingredient and I absolutely need to know (I bet you it is loads of butter). 

After I finished consuming dessert after dessert and maybe a croissant or two, I made my way over to the Louvre. The juxtaposition of the three-dimensional pyramid to the actual Louvre building was incredible. The architecture is truly fascinating all over Paris, but the Louvre is something quite exquisite. It looks as if it is a Palace filled with art..and to be quite honest it truly is just that. 

Fashion wise, I was in my first two days in Paris so I rocked some heels. Do I suggest wearing heels and walking for 5 miles like I did that day? Not entirely, but yolo. I did it and I looked fab! In order to match the "inverted-triangle-glass-windowed-pyramid" at the entrance of the museum, I picked a geometric square patterned skirt and kept a monochrome look to my outfit from head to toe! I have the links to my outfit below the pics!

Enjoy the pics from my special day at the Louvre, I have so many more days to share with you! Stay tuned!



Skirt: Yes Style

Blazer: Style Stalker (get similar here)

Top: Nasty Gal

Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Nasty Gal (get similar here)