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Ready for Spring

Instead of wearing a typical red dress on Valentines day over the weekend, I opted to wear an outfit perfect for a sunny California day. I went on a bit of a prep obsession lately so I picked up this super cute top (only $15 by the way) and paired it with these comfortable high-waisted shorts. Super comfortable and perfect for casual wear or for a vacation. I am thinking Cape Cod perfection!

During the afternoon, I explored DTLA, checked out the LA Book Fair and hit up my favorite sushi spot Kazunori. While there I had the yellowtail, toro and salmon rolls. INCREDIBLE! Then headed to Silverlake to stop by Intelligentsia for some coffee and down the street at Pazzo Gelato for some sorbet!

Ended the night in Malibu at my favorite dinner spot. You may have seen it on my Snapchat! So good!!

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LA Art Show

I am quite the art lover. I could spend hours walking around a museum exploring different eras in art and play-pretend in my mind what it would be like to be the person in the painting or try to envision what the painter was thinking. It is a fun escape, I highly recommend you try it if you have an imaginative weirdo mind like moi!

When the LA art show came to my city I knew I absolutely had to attend. It did not matter that the side of my face was swollen and broken out in hives from an allergic reaction (looking like Hitch, no joke!) and that I was on loads of meds for that and for a stiff neck. Nothing was going to stop me from getting out of the house. This cabin fever has had me feeling a wee bit depressed so I needed to get in escape mode in one of my favorite!

The LA Art Show was at the LA convention center in the heart of DTLA. I love attending conferences and tradeshows there as there are so many delicious restaurants in DTLA that I get to wander over to after. Some of my favorites include Kazunori and Baco Mercat. Since I was not feeling on top of it, I decided to spend most of my energy at the art show.

I loved the Monet exhibit (ofcourse I did, I am such a Parisian obsessed child), and I absolutely fell in love with Melanie Pullen's High Fashion Crime Scenes exhibit. She had a live dark and eerie exhibit where it showed two artists ripping the guts out of a dead body (she was alive, don't worry). I am not into gruesome things, in fact I hate scary movies, but I love CSI. I watch those shows up until I feel like they are about to show me a dead body and I get grossed out and look away. Back to my point, Pullen's artistry and combination of photography, fashion and crime scenes is so tasteful that it is appreciated by a even a queazy person like myself. I love it and hope to buy one of her pieces for my place. 

There were 1000's of people at the LA Art Show. It was so wonderful seeing people in the art scene and also seeing loads of parents bringing their children and exposing them to art at such a young age. I hope to attend every year to continue seeing all of the LA Art Galleries exhibiting their new creative masterpieces. PS tickets are so cheap, only $20! 

What did I wear to this event? My staples black staples ofcourse! I picked up this super cute convertible sweater and cardigan from Kersh Clothing. It was perfect for my art scene look. My hat and hair over half of my face was totally accepted by my fellow artists. Maybe they thought I was making a statement? Or just being an emo girl? Who knows, all I know is I did not care, I was just blessed and happy to be out of the house and exploring some beautiful art in the LA scene.

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What to Wear for a New Years Eve Party

If you are looking for the perfect look to wear to a holiday party, I have you covered here. I happened to wear this dress to a wedding, but you can certainly wear this to a gala as well as a stellar pick for a New Year’s Eve party. 

The dress is silky and soft and bares enough skin to make it sexy, yet elegant. Which truly is the definition of my edgy overall style. But you don’t have to be edgy or daring to rock this look. You just need to throw it on with a pair of killer heels, a faux fur shawl and red lips. 

If I was not going to be in the snow for NYE I would 100% re-wear this outfit! 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Trying to find the perfect dress to wear to a bridal shower can be a struggle. Whether you are the bride-to-be or a guest, I have you covered. If you are the bride, you should opt for something white with a pop of color. The pop of color can be a flashy shoe, bag or even your lip color. You should stand out because this day is all about YOU! 

If you are a guest, try opting for something printed or neutral. DO not even think about wearing an all white ensemble. It is disrespectful to the bride and makes it seem like you are trying to steal the show. Nobody likes that girl, so don't be her. You have much more to offer than that, sister.

I went to a thai-themed bridal shower, so although my dress has some white elements, the real focus is on the print of gorgeous flowers that match the theme.  Printed dresses are always a huge win for bridal showers, so go all out in print or pick a toned down shade. My dress is by V Label London and I truly believe it was made to compliment my frame, which is why I love this dress so much! 

I have provided some options that you will want to show up in at the next bridal shower that hits your calendars.

For the guests:

For the Bride:

Coachella Guide- 10 tips to survive coachella

Nothing makes me happier than getting ready for music festivals, and then there is this one magical music festival that people from all over the world fly in for, and lucky for me, it is a couple hours away from my backyard! I have all of my Coachella survival guide tips listed for you below and I also have pictures from a fun shoot I did wearing this gorgeous yet affordable outfit. On Thursday I will post all of my favorite fashionista’s pics from previous festivals and also provide you a list of places to shop to get your last minute outfit additions.

1.       Stock up on stylish boho-chic outfits. Some of you may say you go for the music, but I am calling BS on that. If it were just for the music, then it would not be such a fashion show. So since we are all aware that it is a “who wore a cuter outfit” for all of the fashionistas in attendance, I have provided a few tips for you below.  

a.       Loose fitting bottoms, whether that means they are thin printed wide-legged pants or high-waisted shorts. Just make sure they are not glued to you. You want to be able to dance and feel free.

b.      Comfy shoes – booties or converse will be your best friend. Try gladiator sandals if you want to step it up a notch.

c.       Fringe is in- go for it

d.      Body jewelry and flash tattoos- load up on these and place them all over your body. I am really into thigh jewelry these days. It is super sexy and simple.

e.      Leather fanny pack or crossover bag. I do not suggest backpacks because you may not feel someone unzipping your bag while you are busy feelin the music!

f.        Cheap sunnies. Misplacing Chanel sunglasses at the festival sucks. Go to Forever 21 and pick up a pair of fun stylish sunglasses.

2.       Hello H20- the festival is in the desert and you are spending hours in the sun. Make sure you bring cash for water bottles and fuel your body with water and do not forget to grab a snack!

3.       Rent a locker- throw in a jacket or even leggings in there. It gets cold at night and if you had too many treats at the festival the weather changes may bug you.

4.       Cell phone- do not count on having cell phone service. There may be areas that you have service, so expect delays from people you text. To conserve battery, first off bring a mophie, but for all other times you are not using your phone, set it to airplane mode or turn it off completely.

5.       Take car or shuttle service from your house you rented/hotel to the festival instead of driving and parking. Getting out of the parking lot is a nightmare. It takes practically an hour! You can get this information on

6.       Hygiene- don’t be gross. Pack baby wipes for a little DIY shower sesh in the bathrooms, hand sanitizer and travel size deodorant

7.       Beauty- pack a mini sunscreen, lip balm, powder and body spray

8.       If you are camping, bring the necessities! Food, drinks, BEER, Sophia champagne cans (my favorite). You cannot bring this into the actual concert area, but you will need it for your pre and post parties!

9.       Stick with your friends. It is hard to find each other, so if you choose to part ways, set up a meeting point that you will always go if one of you lose each other

10.   My absolute NO NOs-

a.       do not forget bandaids in your bags. If you get blisters on your feet or you fall, you want to make sure you clean the area with water and get yourself fixed so you do not have to leave the show.

b.      Do not try to sneak food or alcohol in

c.       No selfie sticks or video cameras are allowed

d.      No chairs or umbrellas are allowed

e.      Don’t be annoying, everyone is there to have fun so be chill. You paid a lot of money to be there so enjoy it and do not sweat the small stuff!