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Journey with Javvy to Paradise: Nassau, Bahamas

I am so thrilled I get to finally share photos from my incredible trip to Nassau, Bahamas. This particular trip has left a wonderful footprint on my heart because I got to go with my partner in crime, who happened to be the one capturing these cool snaps throughout the trip. The crisp, clear waters intermixed with the right amount of island heat ensured this trip to be a golden time which ended up leaving me with a golden glow.

The Bahamas has certain spots that are very touristy (almost like Disneyland!), but then there are spots known to the locals that keep that island-living vibe alive there. You will find rum shacks on the side of the road that have fruit infused rum that will absolutely get you hammered-bajamerred, a cigar bar located at the most intricately beautiful Greycliff hotel, and then the main attraction there would be the Atlantis resort. Atlantis is an entertainment epicenter for all ages. There is a laze river you can float on, there are endless aquariums to entertain the aquatically curious mind, you can go snorkeling with the fishes and sharks, play in a floatable playground, gamble at the Casino and go to the nightclub at night. Did I mention you can swim with and kiss a dolphin? Who doesn't want to kiss flipper? If you ever want to send your client on a getaway or plan a destination conference, I HIGHLY suggest this hotel.

Let's talk a little more about the Greycliff hotel as this place is a hidden oasis in the Bahamas. In my eyes, it is a 5-star resort. The grounds are so green and peaceful. They are filled with quiet areas to balance your chi, statues, the most beautiful pool I have ever seen (see pics below), fountains and a koi pond with a friendly little turtle that swims through it. Inside of the hotel is this cigar bar that takes you back to the Gatsby era. Think antiques meets rustic with a killer piano to add some flair to it. I also HIGHLY suggest this spot if you want to go somewhere to balance your chi or as a romantic getaway. The grounds remind me of the Parker hotel in Palm Springs, but just on an island!

Fashion wise, you will want to wear loose clothes that do not stick to you. I have a love for floral prints so I wore that mostly to mesh with my island vibes! Check out the pics below!



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Journey With Javvy: Best Wineries in Napa to Take Your Clients To

Napa is an adorable town about an hour away from San Francisco that many renowned wineries like to call their home. This town offers an abundance of wine, adorable restaurants and provides the perfect escape for stressed out business professionals. I had the opportunity to check out some of the best wineries in Napa and have recapped them for you below! These wineries are winner choices if you ever have to entertain your clients. One thing you should ensure you do is make an appointment if you plan to go in a big group. The more the merrier!

I also had an opportunity to wear a new jumper I got for a killer deal (under $20)! I mean, how could I not take outfit pics in such a beautiful scenic area! I posted the links for this outfit below the winery photos.

Now on to the good stuff..

Best wineries in Napa:

1. Darioush

2. Caymus

3. Opus One

4. Ferrari-Carano

5. Hendry Vineyard

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Journey with Javvy: Street Style and Eats in San Francisco

There is nothing sweeter than feeling like home when you are on trip somewhere. For me, this particular journey was  truly a trip going back to my hometown. I grew up in the Bay Area so it was an incredible treat being able to experience San Francisco as an adult along with my best friend. The whole goal of this trip was to celebrate my birthday, my bffs (Whitney) birthday and it was also a babymoon for her since she is 6 month prego with a baby boy on the way! Being able to spend time with someone this dear to me was honestly very special. Thanks to Airbnb, we also had a gorgeous apartment for the week in Nob Hill. It felt like we were back in college being roomates, sans the additional crazy roommate, the random boys who were always in our living room and no frat/athlete parties were attended that weekend!

I want to break up this post in two sections. Fashion first and then I want to provide reviews for the restaurants I went to. Fashion-wise, I would describe the city as casual chic. The city is full of hilly roads and the city is made to walk from place to place. I wore low heels or high-tops most of the days and at night I would throw on 4-inch wedges or heels. Clothing wise I brought a few leggings with me and paired them with either a dress top or I dressed them down with a denim top or a crop-top. While traveling I highly suggest wearing clothes you think you will be comfortable in for 12-hours straight, so leggings or thin jeans are my go-to.

Being able to shoot photos in SF was so delightful. There is beautiful scenery on every corner, whether it be the Golden Gate bridge, the trolley, the buildings, the homes that mimic the show Full House, or even just the graffiti on the walls. Honestly, any outfit looks amplified in this city, so to all you Franciscans, I salute you and your ability to look casual-cool all the time. 


I like to travel to metropolitan cities in order to try restaurants out that will be best to take clients to. With that being said, I knew I had to make reservations way in advance to go to some of these restaurants. Since I am a writer for this blog, a lot of these restaurants gave my friend and I a truly unique and special experience by squeezing us in and letting us try some items off the menu. My favorite restaurant hands down in San Francisco is SPQR. From their wine list to the presentation of their foods, you honestly would impress whoever you planned on taking there. This small spot located in the Marina brings you the most intricate and delicate dishes. I had some of the best salmon I have ever had, and the chef brought me over the most incredible beet ravioli that tickled all of my food senses. So I definitely am adding this restaurant as my number one spot to take a client to for dinner.

Since you know I love to provide you all with lists, I also listed additional spots that you absolutely must either go to or take your clients to in the city.


1.       SPQR (Greek American Italian Fusion)

2.       The Slanted Door (Vietnamese)

3.       Capannina (Italian)

4.       State Bird Provisions (Contemporary American Cuisine)

5.       Nopa (Californian/American)

6.       Kokkari (Greek)


1.       Brixton (good looking crowd!)

2.       Top of the Mark

3.       Novela Bar SF (same crowd as Brixton)

4.       Speakasy


1.       Olea in Nob Hill (Fave spot! Unreal and Wade is the best server there)

2.       La Boulange (hello croissants!)

Casual Quick Bite:

1.       Molinari’s in North Beach (A prosciutto must!)

2.       Tacolicious (healthy taco spot)

Top 5 Ways to Entertain Your Clients

I have had so many people ask me what is the best way to entertain your clients, and I always answer with: "depends what your client is interested in". The key to client services in the business world is knowing everything you can possible know about your client. Your client chose YOU to represent them, and they can chose to replace YOU as well. It is important to understand that and appreciate the business they bring for you. The way to appreciate their business is by taking care of all of their needs in the workplace, and to go the extra mile by taking them out from time to time. 

Now the important question, what is your entertainment budget and what are your client's interests. Once you have solidified those two important factors, you can start planning. I have listed my top 5 suggestions that I have personally used for client services and have all been successful wins in my client's eyes.

1. THE FOODIE: If you client is a foodie, check out Urban Daddy or Yelp and look up the latest hip restaurants that have opened. 

2. THE ALCOHOL LOVER: If your client loves a good stiff drink, look up different whiskey bars or lounges that have great mixologists. If you are in LA, I suggest Bazaar, by Jose Andres for their cocktails and the Manhattan Beach Post for a quality old fashioned.

3. THE SPORTS ENTHUSIAST: Find out your client's favorite team and take them to a sporting event. Make sure you get the type of seats your client either would normally sit at or "dream" to sit at. What I am trying to say is, your seats better be in the first 10 rows or you should plan on watching the game at a fancy restaurant that has a big screen TV showing the game. I have a perfect example from last night (see picture below) when I attended a Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

4. THE FASHIONISTA: If your client loves fashion, try taking them to a fashion show. Look up fashion week in your city and see if your company has any connections into the fashion world to score you and your clients seats at an ultra exclusive show or afterparty. If not, sometimes smaller stores or departments stores do fashion shows, so make sure to check your local newspaper to find out if any events like this are coming up. If you are in LA, check out the FIDM website, as they have plenty of exhibitions and shows that they plan throughout the year. If your city does not offer these types of shows, then make sure to check out magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle or GQ and look up the latest "it bag" or general "new hot item" and get that for your client's birthday! Your client will be thrilled you took the time to do some research and get them something that is well sought after in the fashion world. 

5. THE ATHLETE: If your client loves to be active, take them out for a round of golf at Trump National Golf Club. If you do not know how to play golf and your client loves golf, you better start taking lessons! You can also ask your client if they want to go hit a bucket of balls and grab dinner at the country club afterwards. It is not that difficult to take your anger out on those golf balls! If you honestly can't play golf for the life of you and prefer not to embarrass yourself, then offer a certificate for a round of golf for two. That way your client can take whomever they choose to.

I hope this advice suits you well and gives you the confidence to plan a fun night out with your client. 



My view from the 3/4/14 Lakers Game!

My view from the 3/4/14 Lakers Game!