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LA Daze

I styled the perfect edgy-chic outfit to wear from day to night! During the day, rock this stellar Ramones top with these high-waisted jeans, and at night, throw on this awesome fuzzy jacket. Let's just say, Big Bird will look at you and say "bish stole my look" and you will feel damn proud of it.

Ben Smith @roguefoto and I had fun shooting this look all conspired from the Foray Collective!

White after Labor Day

I am not sure about you but I am missing summer vibes. It is pretty cool in Southern California these days, but we had a semi warm day this week so I used it as an excuse to bring out this cute all white outfit. All white after Labor Day? Don't listen to the rumors. My outfit looks super casual chic and I doubt anybody looked at me and said "oh goodness she should not be wearing white!".

My only week I don't wear white happens to be this one devilish week that visits me once a month and makes me an emotional disaster and an uber spicy individual. I am sure some of you can relate to what I am referring to. I won't get graphic here and discuss the below the belt crime scene in detail. You get my drift!

Any-who, can we talk about this adorable off the shoulder top? I am obsessed with it. The price tag being super pocket-friendly doesn't hurt either. I paired it with a pair of white distressed denim and my lace converse sneakers and voila! Casual chic mastered!

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Fringe with Benefits

I have a thing for all things fringe all throughout the year. Whether it is a coat, bag or skirt, I tend to find some way to throw it into my daily style. That is why I fell in love with this gorgeous fringe Cleobella jacket, and even added more fringe to the mix with a fringe-suede cross-body bag. Too fringe-y? I think not. Not when you live in sunny Southern California where it tends to be above 70 degrees the majority of the time. Therefore, my style tends to be a mix of bohemian to match my beachy personality and New York chic to match my busy work life.

I tend to travel a ton for work and love loose fitting jumpers and dresses. One brand that has been my ultimate go-to, which if you follow me on Instragram @savvyjavvy, you will see that I wore their items all throughout Europe; Spell & the Gypsy Collective. They are an Aussie brand that have infiltrated the LA style scene and I do not see them leaving anytime soon. The dress I am wearing here is made by them and I got it from the Foray Collective. It is absolutely perfect for a beach cover up or even just a day shopping with your girlfriends. I don't have the largest chest area, so I opt to wear dresses like this without a bra, but if you happen to be blessed in the area, throw on a bandeau top under it and it will be perfect.

I am starting to become a tad bit obsessed with the new Foray Collective site because it carries a lot of the brands that I am in love with. Think Tulum beachy-keen vibes mixed with a city girl. They have something for everyone on there, but for me, I like that they could be my one-stop-shop while looking for items to fill my travels with. 

Hope you enjoy some of these Santa Monica beach shots taken by @roguefoto (Ben Smith) in some of my cute new items from the Foray site! 

New Year's Recap: Savvy Javvy

It is my annual New Year’s post and I want to start it off by thanking you for following my journey. I absolutely love to write and explore, which also happens to be the two elements that synergize and outputs the Savvy Javvy blog. This blog is one of my biggest passions and it makes me happy that it has grown each year. Sometimes I am selfish and extremely busy with my daytime job working in the digi-tech world, and I am not able to devote as much time to blogging as I would like to. But I really would love to change that in 2016 and make some time in the evenings doing what I love most!

This year I have traveled somewhere every single month. Sometimes I even traveled for over a month non-stop. At times travel can be exhausting, but I find pure joy in it. I love learning about new cultures, eating exotic foods and just getting out of my element from time time. Am I a neurotic, stressed out, angry bird while prepping for these trips? Yes. Something else I would like to work on in 2016. Chilling out, and allowing myself to zen out. Balancing life can be extremely challenging, but I quickly have to remind myself that there are people out there that are battling a bigger battle in life, which helps to keep me grounded.

There is one thing I wanted to share with you personally, that I do not think is reflected at times on social channels. I ACTUALLY have a real job, a legit career job, that I also love on top of this blog. Did I love my previous jobs? At first yes, but the politics were nauseating and unprofessional. In fact, I had lost hope in my career due to some bad eggs, and instead of completely losing hope, I changed my situation. I mustered up the courage and dumped a job that was not serving me the way I was serving it. Hard lesson to learn, but this hard lesson ended positively. I found a new job I truly love and am surrounded by the most incredible and motivated people. Nothing is worse than trying to grow as a young women in your career than having poor support and management in the employment place, so learn from mistakes! Choose a job like you choose your relationships. It should be an equal relationship, if it is not, dump it and find a better place to invest your time. It will make you feel so free and happy! I will say though, there are a few good people from my old companies that I miss immensely, but thankfully we have kept in touch over email and Facebook, which I do appreciate. 

Another thing I do not normally share is struggle. Social media is such a lala land that we escape to, but each person on there has things that they are battling with everyday. Whether there are financial issues, family concerns, health concerns, relationship issues, crummy friendships. We all have these battles, so next time you go on someone’s social media account and think their life is perfect, think again. We are all human. My dad and mom always gave me this piece of advice that I take with me before I deal with any challenging meeting or confrontation. In fact, they told me this before I had a meeting with a CEO of a huge company, and it helped tremendously. “Do not fear meeting with anyone, no matter what their status or title is, at the end of the day, they were born the same way you were born, they eat the same way you do, they have flaws just like you do and they use the restroom just like you do. They don’t deserve to be on any pedestal in your mind, instead you should view them as your true equal”. I swear this works like a charm for me every.single.time.

I want to highlight some of the special moments of the year below:

Family- I got to meet my cousins from Canada for the first time in my life. Although they were younger than me by a decade, we instantly connected. In that meeting, my mom got to finally see her brother after 35 years of not seeing him. That was really special to see them together. I know I won’t have that moment with my brother anytime soon, but when I do in heaven, I hope it is just as special.

My cousin’s baby, Dillon, had open heart surgery for the second time and he kicked its butt! I got to plan a last minute weekend trip over Thanksgiving to go visit him in the Bay Area and it meant the world to me to see him and the family. 

I also have grown closer to my parents, which is something I value very much. They are my best buddies and my biggest support system.

Relationship- E and I have been together for almost two years now!! So crazy how time flies by. We dealt with lots of crazy things thrown our way, but we worked together and have built a bond that is very strong. He truly has become my best friend. We have traveled all over the world together, we have laughed, screamed and cried together, and these experiences have all made us stronger. I think one of my favorite moments this year was while we were on a date at Hotel Costes in Paris. It was so surreal that we were in Paris together and having such a fabulous date. He looked like such a babe that night too! It also happened to be the same day he suggested we do the love lock bridge. Hello Mr. Romance!

Another super special moment that brings tears to my eyes, were the couple of times on a Sunday afternoon that he asked for us to go bring flowers to my brother’s grave. Let me tell you, in my experience of dating, I have never experienced a man so loving and empathic towards someone I loved so dearly. Especially for someone they have never met. Major kudos to him. 

Friendships- As each year passes you meet new friends, grow stronger with old friends and have to say goodbye to some others. I feel like this year I grew stronger with a few of my girlfriends. In fact I was a bridesmaid in two of their weddings! They made me feel so special on my birthday and I am forever grateful for their love, silly texts we share, tags on @fuckjerry daily pics “that is so us”, and endless laughs and cries that we share. My friendship with guy friends sort of struggled this year, mainly because of their significant others not being secure cool chicks, but we can save that for another day ;) At first I struggled with the idea of losing a friend. In fact, I think I still do. But I remind myself that it is not worth investing time in things that do not serve you fairly or right. As mentioned above re: career. So I instead re-invested my positive energy into the friendships that were solid. And I cannot tell you, I have such a beautiful group of friends that all support each other and never get jealous of each other? Squad goals? Yes. Jealous and envious people are toxic. Dump them and you will feel such a weight off of your shoulders!

Career- Finding my career at my new job. It felt so good. 

Blog- Many milestones and goals were met this year with this blog. One of my favorites was being featured in Glamour Magazine and on StyleCaster. I literally cried non stop when both happened. I also am being featured in a travel magazine for my #journeywithjavvy travel series! That will be in 2016, so stay tuned. I cannot wait to share that with you. 

Personal- I started writing down my goals in a notebook and it has helped me out tremendously! It brings me positivity and light and allows me to see growth as I look back at some of my old goal lists. I highly advise you to do the same. It is one of the best gifts I could have given myself in 2015.

Travel- Having the opportunity to spend over a month in Europe with my love was a dream! A special spot we went to was Cesme in Turkey. I will write all about it in one of my upcoming Journey with Javvy posts. Hands down, one of the loveliest places I have ever visited.

My true goals for 2016, we shall see, but really my main goal is to be a better person to myself and to the ones that I love. Which includes you! Thank you for being a part of my life! I am excited to take you along the many trips I have planned next year! Let’s just say we will be seeing Europe again! 


Chunky White Sweater and OTK Boots

Do you have a cute pair of shorts you purchased at the end of the Summer and are dying for Spring to arrive so you can bring them out of your closet again? Think again—rock them this winter with a pair of OTK boots and a chunky white sweater. If you live in a snow ridden climate, throw on some thick tights under your shorts and wear wool socks and hunter boots instead.



Since I live in California and somehow it gets up to the 80’s sometimes in December (crazy, I know!), I opted to wear this outfit without the tights, but it could look cute either way. I topped off the outfit with a cute solid black wide-brimmed fedora hat and a Chanel purse. I am just stocked I get to wear these gorgeous satin shorts I picked up from Cameo the Label. They are chic and super versatile. The high waist allows me to hide all of my holiday cookies too, which is not a bad deal if you ask me!



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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How to Wear A Jumper in Fall

Fall has arrived and the Winter months are right around the corner. Although here in sunny California, it has remained a warm 70-80 degrees, but has a tendency to cool down a bit at night. In this scenario I present to you the long sleeve jumper. The shorts keep you cool during the day and the long sleeves keep you from forming goosebumps at night. This cute jumper I got from one of my favorite Aussie brands, Spell Designs. They make the perfect bohemian meets gypsy mermaid clothes that have become widely popular. 

You can shop this cute look at the links below! 


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How to Wear Denim on Denim

I have this thing for denim on denim these days. I find that it provides a vintage edge to any outfit. I have compiled the top 5 things to look for while shopping for your denim pieces.

1. Don't be afraid to mix different shades of denim

2. Mix different weights of denim. It is ok if you wear your thin J Brand jeans with your thick denim jacket.

3. Go to a second hand shop and find an oversized denim jacket. Vintage!

4. Break up the look with nude or brown colored accessories. Try a hat, or a braided belt.

5. Unbutton a few or all of your buttons and show some skivvies like I did with this look. It will bring some edge to your look so that you do not look like a cowgirl!

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Journey with Javvy to Malibu: The Malibu Cafe

SHOP This Look!

There are a few things I love; nice decor, all white everything, wine and a swanky ambiance. The one place hidden in the Malibu hills that is your one stop shop for all things I mentioned is Malibu Cafe. This charming place is great for relaxing, a special occasion, a date, a wedding and even a great spot to take your parents if they are visiting. It is primarily outside so do pack some sunblock!

To stay cool in the LA heat, I paired an airy white top with a matching skirt and nude chunky heels. Clogs are back so I had to rock mine I so proudly purchased!

While you are there, you can play outdoor games, have a picnic and even shop from their Sjobeck Malibu store. They also opened a Calamigos Ranch on property that you can stay at if you want to have a Napa like experience in Southern California. I highly suggest it!

French Brand Feature for Bastille Day

I have a love for anything from France, whether it is a croissant or fashion, both things make me very happy! In honor of a beautiful country that half of my family lives in (so jealous!), I wanted to feature a french brand on a special day of celebration for France.

Bastille day commemorates the Storming of Bastille on July 14, 1789, which was the culmination of a very violent revolution that had begun two days prior to. In addition it is a celebration of the Fete de la Federation, which celebrates the unity of the French people on July 14, 1790. Hope you enjoyed my history lesson!

The French brand that I love is Blue Mustach. They offer ready-to-wear minimal yet refined clothing for both men and women. If you are a street style lover, then this is your go-to brand. I promise you that you will fall in love with the quality and the beauty of their clothes. I am very honored to be wearing an item from their SS15 collection "Life is Sport". This shirt dress is chic, easy to style from day to night and can even be toned down a bit by wearing it with a pair of high top sneakers. I picked up a few other items from their SS15 collection that I will be wearing very soon and posting on the blog!

Check out their website here and do a little shopping in honor of Bastille Day!



Mixing Prints on Melrose

Mixing prints can either look extremely fashion forward, or it can look like you got dressed that morning without the lights on, so it is important to know how to mix prints the right way. On my way to an important lunch meeting, I wanted to look important, while also looking like I am not the type of person who is afraid to think outside the box, which is why I chose a mixed pattern look.

For my look here, I started with one solid colored item; which was my favorite denim bodysuit top from Tuxe Bodywear. I love how versatile this top can be as it can be worn with trousers for work or paired with a cute pencil skirt, or like I did here; with shorts. The best part about this top being a bodysuit is that I can move around, do the bend and snap and not worry that my underwear will be showing. 

Now off to my prints, I picked a floral silk blazer that is chic and lightweight for summer weather. To mix up the patterns, I pulled in nautical striped shorts. Since the stripes are so thin, they did not distract from the floral print of the blazer, which allowed for mix-matched perfection. I kept my shoes nude to work with the off-white color of the shorts and I threw on an off white hat with tie-dye scarf around it.

You can shop my look at the below links!


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