Oh Jackie O.

I know I am queen B of wearing things that are more on the edgy side at work, but once in a while I bring out my Jackie O., well because she is my style icon! I literally fell in love with this tea length skirt. From the pattern, the quality of it and most importantly the color of it. I decided to pair this lady-like skirt with a zippered blazer (yes, there was some edge there!), a muted tank and muted heels with a bow accent. I tied this outfit all together with a beautiful statement necklace that I scored at Forever 21. I swear to you, that store has the best statement necklaces for ridiculously affordable prices. 

If you are wondering why I have a dewy complexion here, it is because I used my favorite Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and Chanel Les Beiges bronzer. I swear they are my winning duo no matter where I go! Go see my go-to, Homa at the Chanel South Coast Plaza if you are ever in Orange County. She is my favorite :). Secretly, my complexion may look a tad bit more golden since we did shoot during golden hour, so that makes everything look better and oh so golden! But I swear it was the make-up and golden hour combo!

You can shop my look below the pics!

Enjoy loves!


Photographer: Priscila Santiago

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Skirt: Top Shop

Coat: Top Shop (similar and cuter)

Shoes: Dolce Vita (similar and cuter)

Tank top: Forever 21

Jewelry: Forever 21

Day to Night Style: Sporty Chic

I have a secret love affair with sports so it comes as no surprise that I love a nice hat. I have a ton of baseball hats and tees in my closet and Lord knows how many jerseys I own. To dress down a work outfit and to keep sun out of my eyes, I like pairing chic outfits with a hat. It tones down the outfit and adds a menswear element to it. 

I am a big advocate for wearing things to work that I can rock after work with friends and I did just that with this outfit. I ditched my bra and and sleeveless blazer to reveal a sexy low back, side boob loving top. You won't go wrong with this outfit and that is all I am going to say.


Photographer: Runak Chavoshi


Pants: Vince

Vest Blazer: Alice and Olivia

Top: Luna Boutique

Heels: Nasty Gal (similar here)

Bag: Chanel

Hat: Titliest (similar here)


Weekend Attire: Purple Paradise

I am so lucky to live in Southern California because there are a plethora of clothing boutiques to choose from. One of my favorite local spots is Luna Boutique in Huntington Beach. This place has the best boho-chic attire for any California style driven lady. You can also shop on their website too, so that is what makes their boutique so much better than your average. The reason for my Luna love is because I got this gorgeous lavender colored crochet top from them! I sealed the deal with this outfit by pairing this top with a pair of high-waisted denim jeans and gladiator thick heels. This is the perfect summer outfit and is so festival chic if you are planning to go to any festivals!

Photographer: Samuel Pick - Website


High-Waisted Jeans: Get it here

Crochet Top: Get it here

Bucket Bag: Get it here

Sunglasses: Get it here

How to Wear a Crop Top at the Office

Crop topping it at the office again, but of course when I am in the office my skirt is pulled up a bit so that my midriff is not showing. I absolutely loved the dainty look of this yellow butterfly-printed top paired with a fitted pencil skirt and pointy wedged shoes. This look is comfortable and perfect to wear out after work for happy hour with your friends. It is classic enough in the office and sexy enough when the midriff is showing after-hours.

Take a peek at the look below and shop the links if it is a look you feel fits your style!


Photographer: Priscila Santiago


Whimsical Whites All Year Round

I am back at it again....matching my outfit to the beautiful scenery in the background. I am wearing white on white and keeping my outfit outfit rather chic and ladylike for my client meeting today. I absolutely love stacking the same colors as I believe it elongates ones figure. Since I an itty bitty height wise, I can always use a little oomph!

I mixed pricey with affordable in my outfit here. My top and skirt are from Forever 21, but my heels are Valentino, jewelry is from Henri Bendel and my sunglasses and bag are from the almighty Chanel. Hope you liked my whimsical white outfit! You can shop this look below the photos!

Have a great Thursday loves!


 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Photographer: A.J. Canaria @ajcan

Journey with Javvy to Paradise: Nassau, Bahamas

I am so thrilled I get to finally share photos from my incredible trip to Nassau, Bahamas. This particular trip has left a wonderful footprint on my heart because I got to go with my partner in crime, who happened to be the one capturing these cool snaps throughout the trip. The crisp, clear waters intermixed with the right amount of island heat ensured this trip to be a golden time which ended up leaving me with a golden glow.

The Bahamas has certain spots that are very touristy (almost like Disneyland!), but then there are spots known to the locals that keep that island-living vibe alive there. You will find rum shacks on the side of the road that have fruit infused rum that will absolutely get you hammered-bajamerred, a cigar bar located at the most intricately beautiful Greycliff hotel, and then the main attraction there would be the Atlantis resort. Atlantis is an entertainment epicenter for all ages. There is a laze river you can float on, there are endless aquariums to entertain the aquatically curious mind, you can go snorkeling with the fishes and sharks, play in a floatable playground, gamble at the Casino and go to the nightclub at night. Did I mention you can swim with and kiss a dolphin? Who doesn't want to kiss flipper? If you ever want to send your client on a getaway or plan a destination conference, I HIGHLY suggest this hotel.

Let's talk a little more about the Greycliff hotel as this place is a hidden oasis in the Bahamas. In my eyes, it is a 5-star resort. The grounds are so green and peaceful. They are filled with quiet areas to balance your chi, statues, the most beautiful pool I have ever seen (see pics below), fountains and a koi pond with a friendly little turtle that swims through it. Inside of the hotel is this cigar bar that takes you back to the Gatsby era. Think antiques meets rustic with a killer piano to add some flair to it. I also HIGHLY suggest this spot if you want to go somewhere to balance your chi or as a romantic getaway. The grounds remind me of the Parker hotel in Palm Springs, but just on an island!

Fashion wise, you will want to wear loose clothes that do not stick to you. I have a love for floral prints so I wore that mostly to mesh with my island vibes! Check out the pics below!



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Skirt: Get it here

Crop top: Get it here

Shoes: Get it here

Hat: Get it here

Five Tips to Get Dressed For Work Quickly

We have all had those mornings where we wished Starbucks was connected to our veins via IV and the back to back meetings we dread attending are minutes away. In fact, these mornings happen for me about once a week. I love my job, I love my team, but I am such an insomniac that sleep seems to get the best of me, and by that I mean I should be an actress in Twilight. I am straight up vampire status. Since I am well aware of this little issue of mine, I had to adapt and figure out a way to sleep in as much as I possibly could but still have enough time to take a quick shower, spruce up my hair a bit and wear a stellar outfit. I have compiled a list of morning musts to get out of the door quickly below.

1. Pick out your outfit the night before and steam/iron it if needed then as well

2. Try to wash your hair before you go to bed instead of in the morning. If you are in a bind, you may not have enough time to blow-dry your hair and you could end up looking like a hot mess walking into work with wet dog-like hair

3. Organize your closet to best suit a busy person's lifestyle, don't let your busy lifestyle take over your closet and have it look like a complete rats nest. A clean organized environment is so essential for the busy bees of the world. Try organizing your outerwear in one section of your closet. That also includes your blazers! Also try this same approach with blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses. That way when you walk into your closet, you will be walking in with a game-plan. Is today a flowy-dress day to hide the gallon of pizza and ice-cream you at the night before, or is it a fitted trouser and blouse sort of day. Trust me, this trick is EVERYTHING!

4. Is your jewelry box a box full of tangled necklaces that you dare not untangle? That is how mine used to be. I literally was scared to go in my jewelry box because I knew it would result in a failed attempt of unraveling my pieces or it would result in me breaking my necklaces out of frustration. Keep your jewelry box tamed! Adding accessories to your outfits is important, so make sure you put aside an hour to fix that tangled mess. It will definitely make your morning necklace scavenger hunt a little more pleasant to deal with.

5. Pack your bag the night before. Nothing stresses me out more than showing up to the office and knowing I forgot my notepad or even my laptop at home. It is one thing if you live down the road, but most of us do not have that luxury. When you start organizing your work days the night before you will see how ridiculously efficient you will start functioning!


Hope you enjoyed my tips lovelies! I also added my latest must haves for work below!

Bubble Gum Business Chic

So I had to do it. There is this must-see wall on Melrose that every single photographer loves to shoot in front of. This pink bumble gum colored wall happens to be the wall outside of the Paul Smith store. As you can see here, I absolutely LOVE to blend my outfits with my backgrounds (see here, here, here and here too) and since I have an IMMENSE love for art, you will see me do that at some museums soon! I cannot wait to share those snaps with you from around LA. To expand on that, I am looking forward to also sharing some of these museum meets high-fashion pics from my latest trip at the Bahamas and my upcoming trip to Europe where I will be checking out plenty of museums and monuments. 

In my outfit here you can see I mixed a dainty floral peplum top with an edgy faux leather pant. I think this style totally depicts my personality. My friends all say I am a mix of Charlotte and Carrie and I tend to translate that energy into my style. It works great in the office as it adds some flair to a normally boring business outfit, and it adds sexiness to a more risque outfit I would rock on the weekends. If you think you are a mix of those two, I challenge you to channel your inner Charlotte and Carrie into your clothing. You may just have some fun with it!



Photographer: Priscilla Santiago

Going Hollywood in Style Club LA x Savvy Javvy

I am very excited to share these photos shot by the uber talented Chelsea LeoGrande for one of my fave LA companies, the Style Club LA. I got to style which outfit I wanted to rock for this shoot and we roamed around the streets of Hollywood to capture these cool snaps! You can get this whole outfit here from the Style Club website.

Enjoy loves!


Now some black and white versions by mega-babe  Chelsea!

The Holy Grail of Beauty Products

I know the majority of my posts are about style, but once in awhile I bring on some of my celebrity beauty expert gal pals to dish about the latest beauty trends. Lucky for us, I had an opportunity to have dinner with them this week and we all shared our absolute must haves in the beauty department. With that being said, I have them all listed below for you!

I know at times we think make-up and lotions are an afterthought as we rather spend our money on a new Mansur Gavriel bag, but let me be the first to tell you, your skin is everything! Your skin is what people pay most attention to. Your skin should be protected and covered with the right ingredients.  First invest in your skin by buying a quality sunscreen and daily lotion (like the ones listed below), and then go buy that magnificent Mansur...that is..if your name was on the wait-list for it and it is finally available! #inlovewithmansurproblems

Have a great Thursday loves!