Juno Vibes in LA

As many Angelenos were complaining about the rain on their ride home from work last night (I am included in this), the East Coast was on house arrest from Juno. Secretly I would be tickled if people rented the 2007 movie Juno while being forced to stay inside due to Juno the storm! Only fellow hipsters would sign up for something like that!

To stay warm and cozy during the rainy Monday day I wore a chunky knit sweater dress and over the knee suede boots. These boots are everything any more, and extremely affordable. They are a must have in any fashionistas closet! 

Check out my look below!


Get The Look!

Dress: Ami Clubwear or Similar

Boots: Black Suede Boots


Flamingos Are My Friends

I fell in love with this adorable ETSY shop Love Drop Tee's that has an abundance of cute totes, tees and sweatshirts with fun sayings on it. Their items are a perfect gift for your girlfriend or even for yourself to rock on a sunny day by the beach. In this picture I am sporting their "Yes Way Chardonnay" tote bag and their "Flamingos Are My Friends" tee! You can get these items here on ETSY. Tell them that Javvy recommended you!


Must Haves of the Week!

I have compiled the latest must haves and trust me, you will want these in your closet!

Posted on January 19, 2015 .

Start Your Year with a Flat Tummy

I wanted to start the new year looking good in my new clothes I got over the holidays, so I partnered up with Flat Tummy Tea to try their miraculous Four Week Fab to flatten out my tummy. I have a lot of food allergies and a very sensitive stomach so I am a stickler on what I put into my body. I liked FTT because it has natural cleansing herbs in it, so it helps you nix out the impurities in your body!

Every 2 nights I drank my Flat Tummy Afresh and in the mornings I drank my Everyday Flat Tummy. I stayed diligent and I got amazing results. Let's just say all of those holiday cookies are nowhere to be found! Kudos to you FTT, you are starting off my 2015 looking and feeling better!



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Journey with Javvy to Italy: Cinque Terre

Oh Italy, how I have had a love affair with your beloved pasta, vino, outstanding fashion designers, history and your beautiful architecture. I finally had the opportunity to divulge in this beautiful country and visit its most charming cities. My first stop in Italy was Cinque Terre. This place is filled with the most intensely constructed fishing villages, that happen to provide the most dramatically stunning coastal scenery you will ever see in your life. The juxtaposition between the nature and the colorful buildings in Cinque Terre make it something really special to see. I do not think you could possibly be in a bad mood during your visit there.

The 5 villages in Cinque Terre are Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola. What will you find in these villages? Just a handful of authentic restaurants that you better make reservations at, gift shops, gelato shops, oh and castles. If you trying to escape reality and find yourself, I highly suggest doing Airbnb and getting yourself an apartment amongst the steeply terraced cliffs of these villages. If you consider yourself the outdoorsy type then you will absolutely appreciate that there is a trail you can hike that will lead you through all the villages! I do suggest you have good sneakers and hiking sticks. This is not an easy hike many of us in LA are used to (i.e Runyon Canyon).

Where to eat? Truly you can eat at any of the restaurants and enjoy your meal. My personal two I ate at and enjoyed for dinner were Restorante Il Gambero Rosso and Vernazza Wine Experience. Sit outside if the weather permits at the Wine Experience. For brunch, you must go have croissants at Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre. Two brothers own that spot and they make you feel like family.

What to wear? Loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. I personally stuck to wearing sundresses and gladiator sandals the majority of the trip.

Vogue's 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

It really doesn't get better than getting a peek of the uber-posh UK store of our favorite Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham and hearing her responses to Vogue Magazine's 73 Questions series. Her comical responses are fantastic and she manages to give them while maintaining a resting-smirk face. All hail Victoria Beckham! You may end up watching this video multiple times. Spice up your life dolls! xo

New Year's Recap: What a Year!

Wow what a year it has been! It truly has been an incredible ride and hands down one of the best years of my life. Now don't get me wrong, this year certainly has not been perfect in every avenue of my life. There has been some highs and some definite lows, but per usual I try my best to stay level headed whether its a high or low as I believe it is good to always stay grounded and stay true to who you are in every situation you face. 

Blog wise, this has been so incredible. This was my trial year, if the blog did not turn into a success within the first year I was going to switch it up or potentially give up as this blog requires me to be 100% invested, and as some of you know, I also have a very full time job working in marketing and advertising. But thanks to my loyal friends and followers, you make the late nights and weekend photoshoots worth every single bit of the investment. My favorite questions this year was, how do you make time for this and do you make money for your efforts? I believe you can make time for anything you are passionate about. There is no need to make excuses that you are too busy. Trust me, I am busy trying to make a living at work, take care of my sweet parents, be a good woman to my man and to be a good friend to those that I love, all while managing this blog. What does that entail? Working on collaborations with brands, planning photoshoots, writing, editing photos and actually posting them on the blog and various social media sites. This essentially means I have about zero downtime. But when people show support by shopping off of my blog or clicking the links on the side so I get a refferral credit it means a lot to me. What is even sweeter is when people reach out to me to thank me for various things! I get so excited and surprised by each email! I received emails from people thanking me for an outfit inspiration that they mimicked for a job interview they aced, or the travel appreciation emails I receive where people thank me for posting my favorite parts of the city. So here is my HUGE thank you to you for making this blog a success. 

What are my NYE resolutions? I have a couple listed below:

1. Live a healthier lifestyle: I ate pretty clean all year, but my allergies have gotten progressively worse, so I am going to try to eat very clean meals as often as possible. It is never fun asking a restaurant to alter their menu so I could eat there. I hope they understand it is just my allergies and not me trying to be a brat. If it were up to me I would eat pizza everyday with copious amounts of cheese on it (lactose intolerant problems).

2. Spend more quality time with the ones I love: This is absolutely essential to me. Everyone in my life deserves more of my time and love. Including MYSELF. 

3. Collaborate with more brands: I collaborated with a ton of incredible brands this year. My favorite was my Moments of Chic campaign for Piperlime. That landed me on the homepage of their website a couple weeks ago. I literally was floored!

4. Travel somewhere new. Maybe Prague? Greece or Istanbul? I did get to travel Europe this year thanks to my boyfriend for taking me as a surprise birthday gift. That pretty much takes the cake for the best birthday cake I have ever received. It even beats the My Little Pony's I used to beg for every year as a kid.

5. Be a better version of myself each and every year.

Thanks for all your support this year! You made it a remarkable year for me and I am ever so grateful! Sending my love to you and your families. Let's make 2015 an incredible year!



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Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit

Every year we try to find that perfect New Year's Eve outfit. Well not to worry, I have my favorites listed for you below! These outfits are versatile so you can wear them to your next cocktail party as well!


It Girl Alert: Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner

I have an absolute love for the 'Love' Advent Calendar and this year they have the latest It Girls who happen to also be supermodel besties, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Gigi totally killed it with her side boob for this years calendar and Kendall makes me feel like I should not eat so many Christmas cookies if I want to kick it with Santa this week! Enjoy the videos below!

Cute Vs Comfort: The Essentials on What to Wear on an Airplane

Packing for a trip is quite the struggle and then there is the big question of what on earth should I wear on the plane? Do I look cute? Or do I stick with comfort and wear my Lulu Lemons? How do I look like a model off-duty? Is there any way I can look cute and comfortable? The answer is yes to all of the above. I think traveling is the best way to network with people so you should try mixing comfort and style to make yourself presentable without looking like you are trying so hard.

Another tip for my single friends is to make sure you brush your hair and wash your face that morning. It is so fun and easy to meet cuties on the plane. I have even met a lifelong friend on a plane ride from the Bahamas to LA. We bonded over my furry jacket I wore. I swear furry jackets are a win while traveling. You will feel like you are in a fuzzy blanket and if you have a travel buddy, they may want to pass out on you!

Shop my outfit and travel outfit ideas below!

PS an extra thanks to my second fam Auntie Debbie, Glen and Antonio for the private jet xoxo. Love you guys!

Pull a model off-duty look like I did below!

Get fancy on the plane!