Day to Night Style: From the Office to Happy Hour and Straight to a Lounge

I had a lot of fun with this outfit as I wanted to be able to maximize the versatility of this beautiful faux leather skirt by Exhibit 381 and take it from day to the wee hours of the morning. It was a rough week at work and it called for one of those 7am to 3am nights to regain my sanity. Now I did not want to waste any time rushing back home after work to change, so I layered my crop tee with this sexy faux leather spaghetti crop top. Once the work day was over, I ditched the crop-tee and threw on a faux leather coat to make it to happy hour. As the night progressed, I ditched the coat and let my curves have a hay day on the dance floor.

I just wanted to note, my crop tee actually tucks into my skirt and I paired it at work with a black blazer, but I wanted to showcase how cute this crop tee is, so I will leave the imagination of a blazer combo up to your pretty little mind.

Have an awesome week!



Skirt: Exhibit 381

Crop tee: Style Club La

Crop tank: Exhibit 381

Purse: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Chanel

Shoes: Mia limited

Photographer: Priscila Santiago

Fashion Show: Chanel Haute Couture in Paris

The one show every woman, gay or straight man and even poodles wish to attend happened yesterday in Paris. If you do not know which show I am referring to, then let me enlighten you, it was the Chanel Haute Couture show. This show was EVERYTHING. It truly brought on some serious nostalgia of Depeche Mode from the 80s with a Marie Antoinette twist. Bet you did not think that was possible, but Karl Lagerfeld did just that and did it flawlessly.

Spiky follicle accents added a jauntiness to the architectural whites and the ubiquitous 80s messenger bag was truly an intrinsically piece of artwork. Another thing that was from the 80s were the cycling shorts, and no I am not referring to spandex shorts. This is Chanel. Tweed or nothing! These tweed beauties snuck a quick peek underneath beautiful fitted-yet-flared tweed coats. To add to the sparkle of the show, some of these coats were actually sparkly!

After moving away from the 80s, it was back to our beloved Marie Antoinette. This part of the show presented full skirts made of heavy fabrics that were either knee length or ballerina like and were paired with an unusual thing on the catwalk..flip-flops.

The main colors of the show were black, grey and white and a hint of red. All which happen to be my go to colors so if you could just imagine, I was in heaven viewing these clothes! Another thing we have not seen couturiers in Pahree do on the runway is daywear. It is almost like daywear died in Paris and couture meant nightwear. Lagerfeld decided to stray away from the norm and presented one of the most elegant yet pared-back shows in the history of Chanel collections. Bravo Mr. Lagerfeld, I salute you.

Please see the gallery below captured by the TelegraphUK!


Weekend Attire: Slit Personality

It is not even humpday and most of us are thinking about our weekend plans. Since I am going to go to a BBQ this weekend, I wanted to make sure I had the perfect outfit that I could wear in the daytime that I can transition to our evening dinner plans in West Hollywood. My personal style outside of the office is boho-chic and luckily there is one store I can walk into and feel rest-assured that I will walk out with the perfect outfit that fits my style. This lovely boho chic store is Planet Blue (insert two hands in the air emoji).

Last weekend when I walked into their Santa Monica location I picked up this sexy yet comfortable Blue Life 2-slit maxi skirt. This skirt can totally be worn in a casual way with a loose off the shoulder top and flat sandals, or it can be amplified a bit like I wore here with a crop top and gladiator thick heels. You all know how I love buying versatile items, so if you are going to get one item from my outfit here today, you have to go on their site and get this gorg skirt.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 


Photographer: Samuel Pick @sdrpick

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Lunchtime Shopping Break: 4th of July Must Haves

I am sure you are ready for this weekend. In fact, if you are like me, I have been ready for this weekend since Monday! I picked out some of my favorites to rock this holiday weekend! Check them out in the lookbook below!


Happy 4th of July loves!


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Journey With Javvy: Best Wineries in Napa to Take Your Clients To

Napa is an adorable town about an hour away from San Francisco that many renowned wineries like to call their home. This town offers an abundance of wine, adorable restaurants and provides the perfect escape for stressed out business professionals. I had the opportunity to check out some of the best wineries in Napa and have recapped them for you below! These wineries are winner choices if you ever have to entertain your clients. One thing you should ensure you do is make an appointment if you plan to go in a big group. The more the merrier!

I also had an opportunity to wear a new jumper I got for a killer deal (under $20)! I mean, how could I not take outfit pics in such a beautiful scenic area! I posted the links for this outfit below the winery photos.

Now on to the good stuff..

Best wineries in Napa:

1. Darioush

2. Caymus

3. Opus One

4. Ferrari-Carano

5. Hendry Vineyard

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Day to Night: Menswear Inspired Round 2

I have been on this menswear kick this month and we all know I have a bit of an obsession with crop tops, so I combined the two to get this look. I found these stellar trousers that came equipped with suspenders so I of course had to add these to my closet collection of fun clothes! During the day I paired it with a white blouse that has pretty lace details along the piping and at night I unbuttoned the top to reveal a crop top look. 

Hope you enjoyed my menswear meets women's wear face-off round two edition.

Have a lovely day!


Downtown Chic: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted photos in a suit and high-top white sneakers, and now I am wanting to show you part two of that outfit, which happens to be quite suitable for the work environment. I spiced up a boring suit by pairing it with pointed two-toned pumps, a statement blazer and a t-strap white tank. The cotton t-strap top gives off a casual yet sexy look because it shows off your shoulders and back. This outfit can easily be worn from day to night by just losing the blazer. 

Enjoy loves and the links to get these items are below the photos!


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Journey with Javvy: Street Style and Eats in San Francisco

There is nothing sweeter than feeling like home when you are on trip somewhere. For me, this particular journey was  truly a trip going back to my hometown. I grew up in the Bay Area so it was an incredible treat being able to experience San Francisco as an adult along with my best friend. The whole goal of this trip was to celebrate my birthday, my bffs (Whitney) birthday and it was also a babymoon for her since she is 6 month prego with a baby boy on the way! Being able to spend time with someone this dear to me was honestly very special. Thanks to Airbnb, we also had a gorgeous apartment for the week in Nob Hill. It felt like we were back in college being roomates, sans the additional crazy roommate, the random boys who were always in our living room and no frat/athlete parties were attended that weekend!

I want to break up this post in two sections. Fashion first and then I want to provide reviews for the restaurants I went to. Fashion-wise, I would describe the city as casual chic. The city is full of hilly roads and the city is made to walk from place to place. I wore low heels or high-tops most of the days and at night I would throw on 4-inch wedges or heels. Clothing wise I brought a few leggings with me and paired them with either a dress top or I dressed them down with a denim top or a crop-top. While traveling I highly suggest wearing clothes you think you will be comfortable in for 12-hours straight, so leggings or thin jeans are my go-to.

Being able to shoot photos in SF was so delightful. There is beautiful scenery on every corner, whether it be the Golden Gate bridge, the trolley, the buildings, the homes that mimic the show Full House, or even just the graffiti on the walls. Honestly, any outfit looks amplified in this city, so to all you Franciscans, I salute you and your ability to look casual-cool all the time. 


I like to travel to metropolitan cities in order to try restaurants out that will be best to take clients to. With that being said, I knew I had to make reservations way in advance to go to some of these restaurants. Since I am a writer for this blog, a lot of these restaurants gave my friend and I a truly unique and special experience by squeezing us in and letting us try some items off the menu. My favorite restaurant hands down in San Francisco is SPQR. From their wine list to the presentation of their foods, you honestly would impress whoever you planned on taking there. This small spot located in the Marina brings you the most intricate and delicate dishes. I had some of the best salmon I have ever had, and the chef brought me over the most incredible beet ravioli that tickled all of my food senses. So I definitely am adding this restaurant as my number one spot to take a client to for dinner.

Since you know I love to provide you all with lists, I also listed additional spots that you absolutely must either go to or take your clients to in the city.


1.       SPQR (Greek American Italian Fusion)

2.       The Slanted Door (Vietnamese)

3.       Capannina (Italian)

4.       State Bird Provisions (Contemporary American Cuisine)

5.       Nopa (Californian/American)

6.       Kokkari (Greek)


1.       Brixton (good looking crowd!)

2.       Top of the Mark

3.       Novela Bar SF (same crowd as Brixton)

4.       Speakasy


1.       Olea in Nob Hill (Fave spot! Unreal and Wade is the best server there)

2.       La Boulange (hello croissants!)

Casual Quick Bite:

1.       Molinari’s in North Beach (A prosciutto must!)

2.       Tacolicious (healthy taco spot)

It's My Birthday!

Each year we have different things we are able to look forward to. For some, they may say it is Christmas, NYE, Valentine's Day (puke), or their Anniversary. For me, it is my birthday. Not because it is a day just dedicated to me (ok secretly this might be it), but I honestly view it as an excuse to see the people closest to me. I have a great group of friends who are all very invested in their careers and families, which also means, less playtime with our pals. The one event we all never try to miss are birthdays. We may miss wine nights and brunch dates, but we ensure we are there at birthdays. With that being said, I also like to throw one heck of a party (or parties).

Another reason why I love birthdays is because I believe this is the best time to re-evaluate my NYE resolutions and to see where I am netting! This year I wanted to work on a few things and I am wanting to share them with you. Getting all personal and fuzzy wuzzy here, so enjoy :)

1. Go to Yoga more

2. Spend more time with my parents

3. Travel to Paris (Crossing my fingers it is happening in a few months)

4. Switch teams at work (Done and I am so happy! Best change I have made all year!)

5. Eat clean 5/7 days of the week (Depends if kit kats are close-by)

6. Post blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday and add a few extra posts if I have time (So far so good!)

7. Be a better human overall

8. Look into ways to start my charity

9. Get more organized

10. Read the book "no excuses" that my best guy friend has been pushing me to read for a year now. It essentially gives you advice on how to attain everything you want in life. (Whoops..I have no excuses not to read it). 

Now let's talk fashion:

What am I wearing? Only the cutest outfit that every birthday princess should be wearing! This blush-colored Space 46 Boutique is an absolute must-have tulle skirt. You may have seen me post another skirt by this company, and that is because I am absolutely obsessed with how beautiful these skirts are. I paired this beauty with a blush-hued top I got from Zara, a neutral colored Chanel bag, red statement Prada pumps, Elise M Collection jewelry and red lipstick. I feel so lady-like and dainty in this outfit! I am considering taking this whole outfit with me to Paris in a couple of months! 

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my personal goals I hope to achieve this next year. Wish me luck!


Photographer: Samuel Pick @sdrpick

Perfecting Your Elevator Etiquette

One of the biggest pieces of advice I have for everyone in the business world is to perfect your elevator speech. If you do not know what I am referring to, then let me give you a quick breakdown. Your elevator speech is a 20-second description of what business services you offer, what industry you are in, what company you may work for, what clients you may represent, it could be anything, but it better sound legit. If it doesn't sound legit, just download my favorite app, word of the day, and add in some snazzy words to amplify your vocabulary skills in your 20-second business preview. I summarized the top 5 things you should do to be prepped for your elevator speech introduction to a potentional future business venture or just great tips to engage with colleagues you may already know.

1. Read up on current events. Download the news app Flipboard. It is my absolute favorite to keep up on current events.

2. Do not talk about the weather. Nobody gives two shits about the weather and they also are aware that you either are an extremely uninteresting person or you do not care to engage in real conversations with them. Which, some may find offensive.

3. Google alerts. Sign up for any keywords pertaining to your industry.

4. Brush up on your vocabulary skills.

5. Always. Dress. The. Part. 

Good luck friends! Hope you enjoy my dressy-casual look I put together with some statement black matte Valentino pumps. 


Photographer: AJ Canaria @ajcan

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