How to Wear Denim on Denim

I have this thing for denim on denim these days. I find that it provides a vintage edge to any outfit. I have compiled the top 5 things to look for while shopping for your denim pieces.

1. Don't be afraid to mix different shades of denim

2. Mix different weights of denim. It is ok if you wear your thin J Brand jeans with your thick denim jacket.

3. Go to a second hand shop and find an oversized denim jacket. Vintage!

4. Break up the look with nude or brown colored accessories. Try a hat, or a braided belt.

5. Unbutton a few or all of your buttons and show some skivvies like I did with this look. It will bring some edge to your look so that you do not look like a cowgirl!

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LA Street Style in Style Club LA

When I first started blogging, I had an opportunity to meet Hilary Hahn, the savvy founder of the fashion tech startup; The Style Club. Essentially her company is an online retailer of super cute and very trendy clothes. Think sporty chic when you think of The Style Club!

Their home office is based right in LA. Within the first year of kicking off she launched a huge collaboration with Sophie Tweed-Simmons and developed a pocket-friendly line for girls with curves. That is my goal when I am shopping, to find things to fit my petite, yet curvy body and let's just say, their line made it easy for ladies like us!

I got this pretty off the shoulder velvet dress from The Style Club, which is pretty dressy but can be toned down for day to night looks by pairing it with a denim jacket. I wear this denim jacket with everything these days. I find that it is perfect for night time when it cools down a bit! Since I am not the tallest, I picked these skinny strap heels that help to elongate my legs. Anything helps!

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Journey with Javvy to Malibu: The Malibu Cafe

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There are a few things I love; nice decor, all white everything, wine and a swanky ambiance. The one place hidden in the Malibu hills that is your one stop shop for all things I mentioned is Malibu Cafe. This charming place is great for relaxing, a special occasion, a date, a wedding and even a great spot to take your parents if they are visiting. It is primarily outside so do pack some sunblock!

To stay cool in the LA heat, I paired an airy white top with a matching skirt and nude chunky heels. Clogs are back so I had to rock mine I so proudly purchased!

While you are there, you can play outdoor games, have a picnic and even shop from their Sjobeck Malibu store. They also opened a Calamigos Ranch on property that you can stay at if you want to have a Napa like experience in Southern California. I highly suggest it!

French Brand Feature for Bastille Day

I have a love for anything from France, whether it is a croissant or fashion, both things make me very happy! In honor of a beautiful country that half of my family lives in (so jealous!), I wanted to feature a french brand on a special day of celebration for France.

Bastille day commemorates the Storming of Bastille on July 14, 1789, which was the culmination of a very violent revolution that had begun two days prior to. In addition it is a celebration of the Fete de la Federation, which celebrates the unity of the French people on July 14, 1790. Hope you enjoyed my history lesson!

The French brand that I love is Blue Mustach. They offer ready-to-wear minimal yet refined clothing for both men and women. If you are a street style lover, then this is your go-to brand. I promise you that you will fall in love with the quality and the beauty of their clothes. I am very honored to be wearing an item from their SS15 collection "Life is Sport". This shirt dress is chic, easy to style from day to night and can even be toned down a bit by wearing it with a pair of high top sneakers. I picked up a few other items from their SS15 collection that I will be wearing very soon and posting on the blog!

Check out their website here and do a little shopping in honor of Bastille Day!



Journey with Javvy to Mexico: TULUM

When it comes to Tulum, Mexico, I do not know where to even start. This place is a magical safe haven of peace and relaxation. The only thing you need to pack are bikinis, sandals, sunglasses, coverups and bug spray. Yes, bug spray, as Tulum is a city nestled in the jungle. The city prides itself with its conservation efforts and promotes a yogi and juice lifestyle centered around purifying the best version of yourself. If I had a month to live in Tulum, I would be 10lbs skinnier and much healthier!

I stayed at a few hotels in Tulum just to get the full experience. Ahau Tulum was very special because I got to stay in a hut right on the beach just steps away from the ocean. You can hear the ocean breeze and the birds at night. I suggest the hut if you do not mind not having air conditioning and just using a fan. If you want air conditioning, just book one of the rooms there and you will have practically the same experience, just a little more upgraded. The room version is pictured above, and the hut styled version is pictured a few pics below.

Because all I want in life is chips and guacamole, that is exactly what I got every single day on this trip. Let's be honest, guacamole in Mexico is 100% better than in the states. Especially when they cut open a fresh coconut and allow you to drink fresh coconut water without charging you an arm and a leg!

Per the recommendation of a close friend, my boyfriend and I rode bikes and went to lunch at Posada Margherita. Let's just say I still have dreams about this meal. It was the fresh catch of the day topped with lemon and olive oil and fresh tomatoes. Every item in this meal was clean and very healthy. Soy free, nut free, dairy free and junk free! Also topped off my meal with a delicious spicy pineapple juice. 5 stars.

There are small boutiques that surround the restaurant and incredible decor sprinkled all throughout this garden property.

After lunch we went on a long bike ride exploring different stores and boutiques, but prior to doing that, we wanted to secure a reservation at the renowned Hartwood Tulum. This place was started by a chef couple from Brooklyn and it is extremely charming and a perfect night spot to grab a drink. They have a tricky reservation process though so you need to either hire a local to stand in line for you or just take a break from the beach yourself and stand in line at 1PM or 3PM (depending on when the hostess arrives) to get your name on the list. Given that there are only a handful of tables, if you are not close to the front of the line, I would suggest coming back another day and showing up a little bit earlier.

When we arrived for our reservation at Hartwood, I had the fresh catch of the day and a spicy margarita! It was delicious!

After Hartwood, we went for a walk and bar hopped. We went to Gitano, Casa de Banana and Casa de Jaguar.

We woke up early the next day to go visit the Tulum Ruins. You pay a small entrance fee and you are off to have a history lesson. It is beautiful to see that these ruins have been around for 100's of years. I got a bit hot on my walk and decided to take off my Stone Cold Fox dress and strut around in my Becca Swimwear bikini. 

After the ruins, we found a taxi that took us to the Cenotes. He was so kind, he dropped us off and waited one hour for us to play in the underwater caves filled with fresh water and then swooped us back up. That was fantastic service and very kind of him. The cenotes are treasured in Mexico as they are the purest water. So pure that they make you shower before entering them. DO NOT PEE IN THERE. Just a quick tip, the water is cold, it is not warm like the ocean there.

After finishing with the Cenotes we walked by our hotel and checked out the rosé shop and picked up a bottle or two and relaxed by the beach.

tulum_models_tulum photoshoot_fashion blogger_travel blogger_go pro_tulum mexico_ahau tulum_be tulum_mi amor tulum_savvy javvy_posado margherita_villa las estrellas_hartwood tulum_mayan ruins_tulum ruins

The next day we got to check out the Mi Amor Tulum. A luxurious, exclusive and private hotel in Tulum. First off, the service is fantastic, the view in incredible, the rooms are modern and the food is phenomenal. I highly suggest staying at this hotel for any occasion, especially an anniversary or honeymoon. It is absolutely divine! You feel as if you are a celebrity being completely pampered and welcomed in the minute you step foot onto their property. I suggest breakfast, lunch and dinner there. You will not want to even leave the hotel. 5 stars!

The next day we went back to Casa de Jaguar for some refreshments and stopped by this boutique I have been following on Instagram for quite sometime, Caravana Montaecristo. I picked up this gorgeous white dress and walked around for miles until we got to our next hotel location, BeTulum. This hotel is another 5 star location. It is youthful, hip and beautiful. The pool is gorgeous and the dinner we had right on the sand was extremely romantic. This was another magical dinner night that we shared while in Tulum.

The ceviche here was Peruvian style and absolutely delicious!

I truly cannot describe the feeling I had while I was in Tulum, but it was nothing short of magical. In the words of my boyfriend, "grab someone you love and take them to Tulum". Which he successfully did and I am forever now in love with this place.

Journey with Javvy to LA: Santa Monica

I had an incredible stay over the weekend at the Le Meriden Delphina in Santa Monica, CA. For those of you that do not know, Santa Monica is a charming beach town in Los Angeles County. For the 4th of July, my boyfriend and I decided a stay-cation was absolutely needed so we booked an ocean view room and decided to explore a city that we already knew very well as a tourist. 

We were greeted with champagne upon our arrival and upgraded to a beautiful super mod room. A perk of staying at the hotel was that you are able to use their beach cruiser bikes for free! We took full advantage of that and rode our bikes on the boardwalk through main street where we had delicious ramen at Jinya and picked up some lattes at Urth Caffe. 

As far as fashion goes, I wanted to incorporate red, white and blue into my outfit, so instead of stamping our wonderful flag on my body, I opted for a classy approach by wearing this gorgeous New Friends Colony beaded dress that has those 3 colors incorporated in it. Their clothes are so fashion forward and very chic. I cannot wait to shop for more of their pieces on Revolve Clothing.

I ended our stay-cation by giving myself a mini spa session in my comfy hotel robe using the hydrating facial mask by SkinLaundry. That mask just takes 15 minutes out of your day but it provided me a glow that my skin needed after all of the fun in the sun I had.

You can shop this look below:

Dress: New Friends Colony

Sandals: Tory Burch

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Journey with Javvy to Mexico: Cancun Part 2

My first post at the Excellence Hotel in Playa Mujeres discussed all of the food at the amazing resort. But now I want to talk about my two favorite things, which is fashion and entertainment! Every night I would somehow end up at the Xo Lounge, which is this gorgeous outdoor lounge located right on the beach. It was filled with party goers, a DJ and unlimited alcohol. Which makes staying on an all inclusive property a huge plus! 

As far as fashion goes, I essentially lived in a bikini and simple cover-ups throughout the day. I absolutely loved this white crochet bikini from Becca Swimwear. I paired it with a white sheer crochet short so that I felt comfortable walking around the property when I was away from the pool or beach. You can shop this look at the links below this post!

During the day I was entertained fully just roaming around the pretty property and migrating from the swim up bar to a hammock or even a daybed. The world is your oyster at this property!

If you want to venture off the property and live that private beach life, you can go walk onto the silky white sand and layout, play volleyball, do cartwheels, stand up paddle board, parasail, boating and my absolute favorite; jet skiing! Some of these do cost money, but it is absolutely worth it for the entertainment and experience factor.

In the evening you have two choices, to either stay on property or to go to downtown Cancun. Downtown Cancun is complete shenanigans but is very fun. Just be careful to not take drinks from strangers and to watch your purse. Also, even if you are an adult, do make sure you utilize the buddy system. Even set up a meeting area for you two to meet if you lose each other. I utilize these tools for any place I travel, whether it is in the states or out and it helps to keep you safe!

If you choose to stay on property, each night the resort puts on this elaborate celebrations or shows. Night one was a Michael Jackson impersonator who danced IDENTICAL to him. He also had a group of dancers that joined in the performance that were also just as impressive. I felt like I was in Las Vegas and paid for an expensive show, and much to my delight, it was included as one of our amenities. 

Night two was an authentic Mexican fiesta filled with a mariachi band and incredible food. The entire hotel courtyard was decorated as if it were a legitimate fiesta, and let me just tell you, it truly was.

The fiesta was the perfect way to end this lovely visit at the Excellence resort in Playa Mujeres. Next on my Journey with Javvy series is my trip to Tulum! Will be posting those pics and travel tips next week! 

Wishing you all a magical 4th of July weekend! Stay safe and be merry!

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Bikini: Becca Swimwear (in black)

Shorts: Crochet shorts

Journey with Javvy to Mexico: Cancun

On to my next adventure, I went to the beautiful and very private Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres for half the week and spent the remainder of the time in a hut right on the beach at the Ahau Tulum! I have so much to cover in the next couple of weeks on places to go eat and play, but I want to spread it out as it is a lot of information!

In Cancun I got to stay at the Excellence Resort and it was an all inclusive style resort. No wristbands or cheesy bracelets, this place is so private you have to go through two gates of security just to get there. Once you arrive to the front, you are greeted with champagne and let's just say the fine hospitality did not end there. It was received by practically every person on the property.

There are 9 delicious restaurants on site and I tried to go to practically every one. I have my favorites listed below:

Breakfast: Toscana is incredible as it has a buffet style set up prior to 11 AM. Try the Mexican coffee, you won't be disappointed. 

Drinks: go to the swim up pool for a pina colada or the chelada which is a mixture of beer and lime juice!

Lunch: Lobster house that is situated right above the pool! Make sure you order the chicken tacos and the steak. Also, the guacamole was fantastic!  

Dinner: Go to Agave if you are craving authentic Mexican food (I are in Mexico!), Spice if you love Teppanyaki (Insider Tip: stand in line in front of the restaurant at 5:50PM to make sure you can get a reservation in for that night's Teppanyaki room. They tend to fill up!), Chez Isabelle if you feel like having a Parisian affair, or Basmati if you want Indian food.

I will share all of my entertainment tips on my next post, but for now, enjoy these fun photos I took on property in Cancun in my gorgeous ále by Alessandra Copper Canyon bikini. I snuck in one photo of the incredible hut I got to stay in when I ventured over to Tulum later that afternoon, of course still wearing my ále bikini!

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Mixing Prints on Melrose

Mixing prints can either look extremely fashion forward, or it can look like you got dressed that morning without the lights on, so it is important to know how to mix prints the right way. On my way to an important lunch meeting, I wanted to look important, while also looking like I am not the type of person who is afraid to think outside the box, which is why I chose a mixed pattern look.

For my look here, I started with one solid colored item; which was my favorite denim bodysuit top from Tuxe Bodywear. I love how versatile this top can be as it can be worn with trousers for work or paired with a cute pencil skirt, or like I did here; with shorts. The best part about this top being a bodysuit is that I can move around, do the bend and snap and not worry that my underwear will be showing. 

Now off to my prints, I picked a floral silk blazer that is chic and lightweight for summer weather. To mix up the patterns, I pulled in nautical striped shorts. Since the stripes are so thin, they did not distract from the floral print of the blazer, which allowed for mix-matched perfection. I kept my shoes nude to work with the off-white color of the shorts and I threw on an off white hat with tie-dye scarf around it.

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mixing prints_savvyjavvy_fashion blogger_melrose_la blogger_stylestalker blazer_cynthia vincent_tuxe bodywear_michael stars

Journey with Javvy to DTLA: Grand Central Market LA

grandcentralmarketla_denimondenim_highwaistedjeans_fringe_la fashion blogger

I had the most incredible foodie experience at Grand Central Market in DTLA. I was overwhelmed with culture, hipsters, delicious food and an expanded belly at the end of it, but boy was it worth it! If you love different food options and tapas, then I highly suggest going to this place. I want to go back so that I can try out all of the restaurants I was not able to try out quite yet!

I started at Egg Slut (cute name right?) and had one of the most epic sandwiches I have ever had, the Gaucho. This concoction of delight includes seared wagyu tri-tip, chimichurri, red onions, seasoned arugula and it is topped with an over medium egg and nestled into a warm brioche bun. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Next I went to La Tostadera, which is a Mexican cevicheria that offers traditional food with a twist. The fish ceviche I had was impeccable. It brought me back to being in Playa del Carmen, and those ceviche memories are my most favorite. Also the large chips they give to you are so tasty! I want to go back already!

I took a break and had some coffee at G & B coffee house for a delicious espresso and off I went to stuff my stomach at Berlin Currywurst. I had a chicken sausage with orange ginger curry sauce, level 2 heat and man I wish I had room to have it in a bun. I decided to not intake any more bread, so I just had them “paleo” style. They were so full of flavor I wanted to order another one! I was secretly trying to convince my boyfriend to order one, only because I wanted to steal some of his, but he knew what I was up to and quickly told me to carry on to our next spot.

I thought our last spot would be at the incredible Horsethief BBQ just to have mimosas and munch on some more delicious things, but after a mimosa or two we all got hungry again and ended up at the epic McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream. This ice cream is so creamy and delicious, it is the absolute must on any hot day. I have never tasted a creamier sorbet that was dairy free, so major kudos to their mixologists!

I am already looking forward to going back to this wonderful foodie hub and there are so many other spots that I have left to try. I did not have an opportunity to go to Kroft, but I have been to their location in Orange County and they are absolutely delicious!

As far as what to wear, this is a casual spot, so no need to get all uber fancy. I wore high waisted denim jeans, gladiator sandals, chambray shirt and a white crop top paired with my mom’s vintage hat from the 80’s.

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