NYC Streetstyle: Rugged Chic

Walking through the Meatpacking District today in some cute distressed jeans, silky and cool tops to bear the heat and these amazing city approved chunky heels. 

I tend to come through the Meatpacking District to grab lunch or dinner with the girls. Love grabbing dinner here because it is an easy walk back to the house and there are some great bars in the area.

Some of my favorites:


Los Tacos- super cheap and amazing. Try not to go at lunch hour because the line is crazy. I promise you, some of the best tacos you will try in your lifetime! It is located in the Chelsea Market. Sounds commercial, but I swear it is amazing!

Fig and Olive- total NYC staple that is great for a business lunch or to meet a bf 


La Sirena- perfect date night or girls night dinner spot. Close to the Standard Hotel.

Catch- my favorite place as you can have dinner and then go up to the roof for a little dancing later :)

Hope you enjoyed some of my quick reccos! Have a fabulous day loves.


Photographer: @selwyn.ramos

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Brooklyn Streetstyle

Hello DUMBO! I found my favorite place in the city to escape to on the weekend. It is the perfect place to get the best views of the city. If you go early enough in the morning it is quiet and really relaxing to just sit by the water and look over this gorgeous city.

On the weekend I try to keep my outfits casual and comfy so I paired this off the shoulder top with some high waisted denim. The top is super cute and flowy so you get a nice breeze next to your tatas. They will be thanking you in the midst of the NYC humidity if you are here, or well anywhere with humidity. 

I do love a good fringe purse and this one crossbody bag I got is my go-to bag for the weekends. It is perfect from day to night, so I highly suggest it. Heels? Chunky. I would not have them any other way in this city.

Photographer: @selwyn.ramos

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Street Style: High Approachable Fashion

We all view high fashion as something untouchable, unapproachable and unaffordable. But there are so many ways you can mix and match approachable items with some high fashion staples and get a killer Italian Vogue look straight from an editorial. Just a little friendlier on your wallet. 

I strive to mix high and mid priced items as extremely low priced items ("fast-fashion" pieces) , will go quickly out of style or will diminish after a couple times in the wash. Try going after brands that have stood a true test of time and that you will know the item you purchase could be worn multiple times in different ways. 

A brand that is a go-to for me is Banana Republic, as I can find some great basics, a staple blazer, nice shoes and a killer dress and not completely cry at the price tag. My suggestion is for you to find a brand that speaks to your inner fashion soul and go get yourself a few fiery pieces to upgrade your closet.

For my look here I took a Banana Republic sheer blouse that was black and white print and shook it up a bit with a loud opposite patterned blazer by a designer I love, Prabal Garung. I wore some leather shorts as my solid color for the piece and the other solid, yet LOUD color I chose, were these fuchsia heels to match my blazer. I love how comfy the heels are, which make them perfect for the half a mile I usually walk to get over to the Meat Packing district for dinner and drinks at night! Let's just say, Carrie Bradshaw would have approved this look.

On that note, which Sex in the City character are you?


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Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Journey with Javvy to Bahamas: Nassau Travel Guide

Touchdown Bahamas for the 4th of July weekend! Luckily, I came with a crew of 13 people who have been going to the Bahamas every year for the past ten years. I knew our itinerary would be filled with the best restaurants and activities and I could not wait to experience it myself and then share it with you all!

Places to Stay

$$$: Atlantis- Try to stay here as this is the epicenter of entertainment in Nassau, but if it is too expensive, at least book one night so you get your daypass for all of the rides and it can last you for a couple of days. (I did not tell you that!)

$$: AirBnb- we happened to stay at a vacation home owned by some friends that came with us. This vacation home was built to look like a Bahamian castle and it was located on a secluded beach.

Places to eat


Atlantis- Any restaurant or poolside cafe at the hotel

Nesbitts- so delicious. Lots of locals!



Olives restaurant- Italian restaurant located in the Atlantis that has delicious grouper, salmon and the pasta dishes were tasty too. I would eat here over Nobu as I am a bigger fan of the Nobu in Malibu, but maybe I am partial to it's divine beachside location.

Studio- This awesome restaurant has a beachside view, fantastic food, live music and great service. I loved the fish sandwich I got!

Sapodilla- This restaurant should be saved for a special dinner night. Everyone dresses up in their nicest attire to dine here. They have a pianist in the middle of the restaurant that plays classical music but also mixes in classical renditions of popular music from Drake, Rihanna and Beyonce. He had me at Beyonce. Try their pasta, brie and lobster. They had fantastic wine too! 5 stars, but let me give you a heads up, the service is a little slow. But since they play awesome music, you are totally entertained the whole time. Perhaps that is a part of their 'experience', but either way, I would go back here 100%.


Aura- Be drunk, be very drunk before you go in. Atypical club scene in a dark space.

Moon Club- main bar centrally located by the casino floor. They have an awesome jellyfish tank in there.

Dragon's Ultra Lounge- They play hip hop and top 40 mixes


Beach- this is an obvious one! Grab a towel and go layout or play in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean 

Diving- If you are into adventure and not afraid of sharks, go swim with 100's of them and while you are at it..find Dori and Nemo.

Boating- This was my favorite activity we did on the trip. We took out the boat owned by our friend and some jet skis which were an added bonus.

Snorkeling- I am not the diving type because Sharks scare me, but I was totally ok with a little snorkeling action to see some beautiful fishes. Probably swam too close to sharkland but I was safe!

Water Park- If you want to feel like a 8 year old again, and in the best way possible, I highly suggest getting a day pass at the Atlantis and exploring the waterpark and riding the many slides they have available. Game changer!

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Photographer: E.I.

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Street Style and Cookies in DUMBO NYC

I spent my weekend exploring new places in the city. One of my favorites I went to was DUMBO, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This area has really upgraded over the years. It has a nice mix of arts, shopping and dining. The greatest thing about DUMBO is the view of the Brooklyn bridge and the city. It is ABSOLUTELY stunning. I highly suggest grabbing a coffee and sandwich and having a picnic right by the water on the grass.

I took a few pictures in this super cute boho chic outfit while walking around. I mean, I had to! I was wearing these awesome embroidered jeans that reminded me of being in 12th grade and begging my mom to sow on patches and lace onto my jeans. These stunners are made by Level 99 jeans. I promise you, you will see these on lot's of people in the Fall. Get ahead of the curve and get some for yourself. I topped of my look with neutral tones and picked suede brown gladiator heels (low heel to deal with NYC walking), a striped top and blush pink sunnies.

After taking pictures I of course had to indulge in some cookies. I was told that One Girl Cookies has tea cookies at 75 cents a pop and naturally I bought their minimum of 4 and ended up doubling that..I mean...tea cookies are small so they are guilt free. Sort of.

While at One Girl Cookies I had their hibiscus tea. It was caffeine free and absolutely delicious. Next time you are in the city, make sure you stop by here!

Photographer: @selwyn.ramos


East Village Eats

Style in NYC is all about a mix of comfort and cool. I love this shirt dress as it is so versatile from daywear to evening. During the day I wear these with a pair of Converse sneaks and if I have to go to a meeting or dinner date I slip on a cute pair of blush heels to go with it. 

Running around NYC has taught me about which neighborhoods I love and which ones I don't mind. One I love is the East Village and it has become my mini neighborhood hub that I run to for a good meal. I listed out some of my favorites I drop by on a weekly basis that you may enjoy. Check them out!


Ost Cafe (pictured above)- adorable Parisian styled cafe. Great latte.

The Bean- A nice cafe to work at


Cafe Orlin- Their salmon benny is amazing!

PMF- French toast. Done and done.


Momofuku- Good ramen. Also try their chicken meatball steam bun. The bok choy salad is tasty too.

The Eddy- fantastic tartare


Upstate- Great seafood! Oysters overload.

Luzzo's pizzaria- Pizza pizza pizza. Possibly my top two pizza spots in the city.


Fresco Gelataria- If you follow me on snap, you may see I tend to go to this place far too often! Amazing gelato. They actually had a shop in Athens and made the move to the city and I am very happy about it. You will be too after you try it!


Street Chic Meets Beach

It feels so good to be home! Somehow I couldn't leave my street chic style in the NYC so I brought it to my beachy CA town. I paired a silky soft top with rugged leather pants. I paired it with feminine wavy wedges, a neutral colored Celine bag and of course, my favorite Celine sunnies! One extra accent I added was my metal bar necklace from Lydell NYC. I get a ton of compliments on that necklace anytime I wear it!

Photographer: @tienphotographer shot in Newport Beach

Nudes are My Favorite

I am always on the go. It can be a bit exhausting, but at the same time, I find stagnant things in life to be quite boring, so as I quickly become overwhelmed, I do a few breathing exercises to remind myself the importance of being resilient.

While we are on the topic of resilience, let's talk about the need to be resilient in this life. The one answer interviewers love hearing about a candidate is that they are "resilient in their efforts at work". So why just settle at work, why not just be resilient in general. Being resilient does not necessarily mean to be a workaholic. It means that you work hard at the tasks in front of you. Whether that be being a girl boss at the office, or being a complete girl boss at home and managing a husband, children and keeping the house in order. You can be resilient in your health practice as well! I try to do breathing exercises, meditation breaks and stretches every day to keep my mind and body happy. Try it ;) Treat yo self!

Alongside my resilience obsession, I am also resilient in my commitment to being fashion forward, yet not breaking the bank. Pictured here, I mixed fast fashion with a few pricier staple pieces that I wear over and over again. I absolutely love mixing whites and nudes, they look so polished when they are worn together in the right way. If you are terrified of white pants, go for a pair of khaki or beige trousers. But coming from someone who treks on the subway, just don't sit and you will be golden!

Photographer: Selwyn Ramos

Top: Zara or similar

Pants: Zara or similar or similar

Jacket: Club Monaco or similar

Shoes: Louise et Cie

Purse: Chloe


Journey with Javvy to NYC: Central Park

Arrived in the city, and of course the first thing I had to do was grab a cup of coffee and walk around Central Park. This gorgeous park gives me a warm feeling, even though it was 50 degrees and the only thing that was actually warm was my coffee. My favorite movie growing up was Serendipity, call me a hopeless romantic, but I always dreamed of meeting the man of my dreams in the city. The only difference is, my dreamboat boyfriend joined me in the city so no need to find a new one. #winning

While walking in the park you will stumble upon a few awesome things; squirrels, people singing harmoniously, the bubble man, couples kissing and people picnicking (when it is warm). Also, you will see a ton of people of all ages getting their fitness on. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see people older than my parents running much faster than I can. Kudos to them and their cardiovascular health. Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk, WERK!

After finishing at the park, I walked over to Columbus Circle and went to the mall to grab some lunch from Masa and a drink from Center Bar. Two beautiful spots with a nice view of the park and the city :)

Journey with Javvy: Your Guide to New York - Best places to sightsee, eat, shop and dance in NYC

Ahhh…NYC. City of dreams, incredible food, dancing and hustlers. Every time I go to NYC I feel so alive. Am I the only one that feels this way? I doubt it. There is something about the quick moves, hustle and bustle and fierceness there that has always lit a fire under my bum. I always leave feeling inspired to start something new. Fun fact, after a trip there several years ago for NYFW, I came home and immediately starting deriving the Savvy Javvy blog and I have not looked back.

For those of you planning a visit for the first time, or even going back for another visit soon, you may enjoy my guide to the city below. I hope to update it by the end of the Summer with new places. Why the end of the Summer? Because I plan to be in and out of the city multiple times in the coming months. Certainly looking forward to racking up my airline miles!

Best Sightseeing in NYC:

Top of the Rock- On top of the Rockefeller Center, there is an observatory where you can see incredible views of the city. Yes- that includes the Empire State Building!

Central Park- throw on some tennis shoes and go on a morning jog in the park. Or pack a picnic and head there with a friend, loved one or even just a great book.

The Met- One of my favorite museums in the states. In fact one of the biggest! I love the different exhibitions and their permanent collection is quite impressive. My favorite? I love Fernand Leger’s work.

MOMA- Another museum, but this museum is focused on modern art. So impressive!

Soho- This is a great area during the day for shopping and at night for grabbing bite to eat. Hip scene. Fun fact: SOHO stands for South of Houston street.

Brooklyn Bridge- Head there early in the morning and capture that awesome empty shot of just you and the bridge. This connects the city to Brooklyn. Which by the way, you need to go to. The city is hip, full of great restaurants and artsy boutiques.

The Highline- a gorgeous elevated park that used to be the NYC Central railroad. Close by the Chelsea Market, which is certainly a charming place you should stop by.

Chelsea Market- Come here for lunch, to pick up flowers or to grab a cup of joe. Love this indoor space of restaurants and boutiques.

Broadway Show- Try to book something in advance. I mean MONTHS in advance. My suggestions? Hamilton and Book of Mormon. You will not go wrong!


Best Restaurants in NYC: 


By Chloe- the best vegan food in town

Jack’s Wife Freda- avo toast heaven

Nomo Soho- The hotel bar has delicious brunch and mimosas

Hudson Clearwater- I want this everyday

Chalait- For their matcha green tea latte

Cafe Grumpy- Grab a cup of joe here

La Colombe- In Soho grab a cup of joe here too

Russ and Daughters- The best lox in town



Cafe Habana- Come hungry for the Cuban sandwiches

Bar Pitti- Pasta heaven

Eataly- Pasta heaven again and an incredible Italian market

Nugateen- A delicious Jean George’s restaurant for their prix fix. The price for their lunch is worth it.

John's Pizza- My favorite pizza in Greenwich Village

Los Tacos 1- The carne asada there is to die for

The Halal Guys- One of the better food stands out there!

Shake Shack- The East Coast version of In N Out burger. It is delicious!

Pylos- Delicious Greek food in the East Village

Momoya- Casual sushi spot in Chelsea



Momofuku Milk Bar- Amazing food

ABC Kitchen- can’t go wrong here

Otto- Italian pasta

Del Posto- right under the high line. This is a must for Italian food.

Relais de Entrecote- because I am a Parisian obsessed steak lover and this place is the best!

Totto Ramen- Delicious ramen in Midtown

Tacombi- the best crispy fried fish tacos! It is in Nolita.

Gramercy Tavern- great American restaurant in the Flat Iron off 20th



Hotel Americano- nestled right in Chelsea

Mother of Pearl- East Village spot

Drexler’s- another great bar in the East Village

Mulberry Project- great spot in Little Italy

Hotel Hugo- great drinks and beautiful city views

Amelie- the cutest french wine bar in Greenwich Village


Best Nightclubs in NYC:

Dream Hotel- Incredible views and good music

Boom Boom Room- You know why

1 Oak- you know why

Nighty Night- small but cool spot

Tao- Fun and large space

Provocateur- Tough door

Best Hotels in NYC:

Dream Hotel- Fun and young hotel

The Ace Hotel- Always a favorite

The London- Nice sized rooms, a good staple

Hotel Hugo- hottest new hotel. Super sexy interior, amazing service and an awesome rooftop bar 

Nomad Hotel- Hip boutique hotel

Nomo Soho- Boutique sized, great chandelier bar

Air Bnb- Very common to use this in the city. But be weary, some people charge so much on here and you do not even get the service you would get from a hotel. I always try to go for a hotel unless you are staying for a month or so, then definitely try Air Bnb.