Journey with Javvy to San Francisco: Palace of Fine Arts

While visiting SF I stopped by the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts. This 100 year old monument located in the Marina area of San Francisco. The space hosts art exhibitions and is a popular tourist spot. Just about every single local has come by here to take photos, so I of course felt inclined to too! Especially since I was wearing this gorgeous jumper!

After finishing up at the Palace of Fine arts, I headed over to Chestnut street and ate at the Tipsy Pig. It is so delicious and the perfect place for brunch and cocktails. Another good spot is Tacolicious for good margs, guacamole and tacos, ofcourse!

Continue your stroll down Chestnut and shop at some local boutiques and pick up some desserts at Le Marais. I always get the croissant!

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Heels: Louise et Cie

Jumpsuit: Tobi

Day to Night in San Francisco

I love wearing pieces that I can take from the office to happy hour. My girlfriends call me the day  to night queen as I rarely have time to run home and change between meetings. Especially when I am at our headquarters in SF, it is a rarity when I can run back to my hotel room to change before running to dinner, so picking pieces that are versatile are super important to me. 

This dress is perfect as it hugs the body in all the right places and it has sex appeal. To cool down the sex appeal during the day, you can wear a lightweight scarf around your neck and cover up your chest and you can pair it with a blazer. Since I work at a creative agency, I have the flexibility to wear leather coats to work (less formal), so I just paired mine with a leather coat to take me into the night!

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Orange You Glad It's Spring?

I was thrilled for Spring this year. I finally can pull out my bright colors to pair with jeans on casual Friday. I fell in love with this beautiful blazer in orange from Banana Republic. It is perfect with a pair of white or dark blue jeans or even pair it with a khaki or floral skirt at work. Trousers would work too! Whatever fits you best.

For my outfit here, I wore skinny white jeans, a blue button top, nude heels, pretty jeweled necklace (also from Banana) and topped it off with the bright blazer. I feel like this is a great look for brunch or a casual work day. It's also a great 'meet the parents' look for all of you out there who may need to meet your SO parents soon! 

Hope how you liked how I paired these together! Wishing you all a fabulous day.


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Products provided by Banana Republic. All opinions and style choices are my own.

Transition to Spring

Spring is here, yet per usual, I am still wearing black. To lighten up my look, I paired a pair of distressed white jeans with this super chic black sheer top. The top is high neck in the front and has lining so you can't see through it. But then turn around and the back part is sheer and sexy. I love the button closures on the wrists as well that give it a clean and refined look.

I wore my favorite Chloe cross body, Celine sunnies and chunky heels to bring the look together.

Jeans: Paige Jeans

Top: Pretty Gang LA

Bag: Chloe

Sunglasses: Celine

Heels: Solsana

The Travel and Adventure Show

If you couldn't tell already, I am quite passionate about traveling, so I had to attend the Travel and Adventure show while it was in Long Beach, CA. My goal for attending was to see what all the hype was about and to find new places to journey to. Let's just say, I found quite a few places I am interested in going to!

The conference floor was filled with booths set up by different traveling companies, agencies, hotels and tourism leads from around the world. The Korean tourism booth used the oculus rift technology to attract attendees to their booth. It certainly attracted me! I find it to incredible when companies make the right investment to attract people. Let's be honest, they are all paying for the same booth space, you might as well make your booth the most interactive and entertaining. This may be my digital strategist background speaking here, but I swear it makes a difference!

The show not only offered booths, they also had guest speakers and panelists of the travel industry speak. Rick Steves was one of the speakers and I have been a LONG time fan of his. I even was a super fan girl and asked him to take a selfie with me. So EMBARRASSING! 

Some of my favorite places I discovered while I was there are listed below for you to take a look at. Let me just say, I sifted through thousands of people and booths and these ones turned out to be my favorite. 

-Costa Rica- The Peace Lodge and the Springs Resort. While I am there would go to the Diamante Eco Adventure Park

- Palladium Hotels and Resorts- Interested in their Riviera Maya, Vallarta and Punta Cana resorts

-Cook Islands- Been dying to go to New Zealand and Australia and this is a short plane/boat ride away.

-Fiji- Nanuku Auberge Resort

-Croatia- Because I want to be on a yacht there, obviously!

My Intent bracelet with my custom "Grateful" message

I am so glad I attended this year, and also attended in style in this cute striped dress! You can get the look below :) Hope I inspired you to book some travel in these places! I know I certainly have these on my 2016 wishlist!


Journey with Javvy: Turkey - Izmir & Cesme

The Sheraton Cesme Dock on the Aegean Sea

We ended our Euro-Journey in Cesme, which is a gorgeous beach town in Turkey. It was about an hour flight from Istanbul and probably my favorite new city we discovered. 

Cesme is ridiculously charming and the waters of the Aegean sea are unlike any waters I have swam in. They were warm and crystal clear. There was something about the air, the water and the food there that really lifted my spirits. After less than a week in Cesme, my skin was glowing, tanned and plump. Usually I come back from vacation and my skin in sun drenched and in need of some love, but that sea water worked like a charm for me. Maybe not for my keratin treatment in my hair, but who cares. For those who do not know, salt water is not good for keratin treatments!

A little insight on how to get to this beach town the best possible way is via a plane to Izmir. Once you get to Izmir, take a group bus to town or take a direct taxi there. It is about 1-2 hours from the Izmir airport, so I do suggest the bus to be sensitive to cost. The bus will drop you off at the port and from there you can take a taxi to your hotel.

You can stay beachside or even stay in a boutique hotel the downtown area, called Alacati. We personally stayed at the beachside Sheraton hotel. The resort pool is gorgeous, but who cares about the pool when the Aegean Sea is at your disposal. The Sheraton has a private dock that plays european house music all day. It has a bar situated right in the middle for mid day refreshing! I laid out on the dock in one of their comfy lounge chairs for hours and periodically would do a canon ball off the dock into the waters. Not suggested as there are signs prohibiting you to do that. 

During the day there are plenty of beach side day parties. The people of Cesme, who let me tell you are absolutely STUNNING, love to party. I later found out that Cesme is the Hamptons of the wealthy Turkish youth. It was filled with lovely young couples from Greece and Turkey who were all there for a fun weekend getaway. People barely spoke English there, but it was not a big deal. All I wanted to do was lay out, eat delicious Mediterranean food and drink wine.

Sheraton Cesme! Our room's view was incredible! Take a look at the Aegean Sea and the gorgeous pool!

Some of my favorite places in Cesme:

Dayclubs: Before Sunset

Dinner: Fava in Alacati. Get the sea bass and the squash blossoms! Incredible! 

Shopping: Nightime in Alacati. The Alacati alleys are filled with street vendors. I brought back so many silk and bamboo scarves, jewelry, and miscellaneous items for friends and family.

Disco: After Sunset

One thing you should know about Cesme is that it is really a vacation town that is buzzing from late Spring until September. After that, the city practically closes down. I am so grateful we went during the time that we did because it was absolutely magical. I will never forget the memories made during this time in Cesme. More importantly, during this whole journey through Europe together. It opened my eyes in so many ways and made me realize there is so much beauty in this world and I am continuously going to keep searching for this feeling the rest of my life.


Journey with Javvy: Turkey - Istanbul

The one country I visited and grew to love immensely was Turkey. There was something about the culture, the people and the history there that truly invigorated my happy place. 

I am a Persian-American and I totally thought I would fit right in when I went there, but I was completely wrong. The whole time the Turkish people thought I was Italian or from Spain. I appreciated the compliment, but come on, I am closer to being Turkish than from those places! Must have been my blonde hair and hazel eyes? Or the fact that I was wearing these tiny denim casual shorts in a very muslim country. Note to self, while traveling to countries, to do a little research on what people wear there. We should always strive to respect their beautiful cultures!  

I got over not being considered a middle-eastern quickly as I was too busy being completely in love with the magical city of Istanbul. I luckily connected with friends who had lived there or visited and received a complete breakdown of where I should visit. Through their recommendations and the ones I gathered from the local Turkish people I met along the way, I present to you my Istanbul recommendations below!

Medusa Cafe in the Old City

Best Hotels in Istanbul:

W Hotel - If you are a Starwood fan, I highly suggest the W Hotel. It is located in a classy neighborhood and it has plenty of cafes that you can walk to. The service was fantastic, the rooms were very modern and their breakfast buffet was delicious. Baklava and turkish tea every morning? Yes please! 

They treated us so kindly here. They decorated our room, brought us champagne and a room filled with treats and balloons. The bathroom was also equipped with a hammam style shower. Now who wants to scrub-a-dub me?

Four Seasons Bosphorus- Breathtaking hotel right on the Bosphorus Sea. Super luxurious and filled with the most gorgeous flowers, just like the George V Paris. The pool (pictured here in this post) was so lovely. Loved the fruit infused water! 

Now if you want a ultra luxurious hammam experience, I highly suggest getting it at their hotel spa. Unreal and ridiculously relaxing. You can even opt to do their couple hammam massage if you happen to go with your significant other. The resort is truly a 5 star experience!

Ciragan Palace- Oh my goodness! Right next to the hotel is the palace that can be booked if you are ridiculously rich or famous. It is incredibly beautiful and the royal red carpet is kind of a big deal. I looked at some weddings that were hosted there and let’s just say Jeff Leatham, the floral genie, sprinkled his magic there and it was breathtaking!

Best Places for Sightseeing in Istanbul:

Sultanahmet (old town)-

In Sultanahmet, known as the Old City, you will see some of the most beautiful depiction of the many empires that once ruled there. The glorious Hagia Sophia has a soaring dome and intricate Christian Mosaics, while the open space Roman times Hippodrome was for hundreds of years the area of chariot races and Egyptian obelisks remains. In the Old City, you will find the many famous sight seeing spots that you must see! You can even do these all in one day if you start early. But if you do have the time, I highly suggest you split it up. Maybe day 1 do the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, then grab some lunch at Medusa Cafe and see the Cistern next. The next day go to the spice market and the Bazaar and afterwards go to my favorite restaurant in Istanbul, Old Ottoman Cafe. The food was divine! The eggplant dish I am still truly dreaming about. Say hi to the owner, Erol. He was fantastic! Your cultural dreams and foodie dreams will come alive in Istanbul. This I promise you!

Turkish Delights!

Also as mentioned earlier, there is a dress code. Women must not have exposed legs, chest or arms if they plan on entering the Blue Mosque. I stayed in the outside area, but I did not stay for long. I came back later when I had some more clothes on and went to explore the inside. I do want to note it was 90 degrees outside, so that is why I was trying to stay cool in light linens. 

Throughout the city the mosques have a prayer they play through the loud speakers. You can hear it during the different times of the day outside. It was very cool to experience that.

Old Ottoman Cafe- AMAZING

The Cistern

The Cistern

W Hotel Istanbul



Lovely area by the Bosphorus where you can walk along the water and you will approach this area of town with vendors and tons of cafes. This also happens to be the nightlife area, which I will get to later!

I did a little shopping for silver jewelry in the outdoor market and found some gorgeous evil eye necklaces to bring back for my loved ones back home. The evil eye necklaces are supposed to ward off bad energy from others. I am definitely into these necklaces and I received one as a gift while I was there and I have not taken it off since! LET THE GOOD VIBES IN! (Insert both hands up emoji)

Throughout town you will notice that sitting at cafes is something the Turkish youth and adults love to do. One cafe I loved was the House Cafe, especially the one located in Ortakoy. The view of the Bosphorus was so cool. There is also the House Hotel it is connected to, which was super modern and chic. I would have loved to stay there!

House Cafe in Ortakoy- right by the water

Four Seasons Bosphorus

Spa at the Four Seasons

Ciragan Palace

Shangri La Hotel


If you want high end Hermes, Chanel shopping, then come to this area. In this area you will also find an amazing kabob shop Kosebasi. I ate here two nights in a row. It truly was incredible! There were an abundance of side dishes to choose from. They present them all to you on a platter at once and you can choose which one you would like to keep. I wish all restaurants were like that!

Kosebasi Restaurant


Located on the Asia side of Turkey, this new, cool, young, hip spot has great cafes and restaurants. I wandered over to Chilai, a sexy Miami-like vibe restaurant that was right on the water. Everyone would arrive via their boats and park their boats right outside the restaurant. So cool! It is great at night because they have a cool DJ and delicious food. I loved the sea bass there. Highly recommend it. 

Other cute cafes in the area are Midpoint Cafe and Bar, Mangerie and Banyan Patisserie Shop. 

Reina Nightclub

Overnight Trips in Turkey:

Izmir- Cesme - I highly recommend spending 2-3 days here. We did and we never wanted to leave! It is one of the most gorgeous beach cities I have ever visited.

Cappadocia- Ride a hot air balloon and take millions of gorgeous photos. Stay at the Cave House hotel. It is so unbelievably dope!

Day Trip to Pamukkale- visit the ‘Cotton Castle’ hot springs for some zen in this white wonderland. 

Hope you enjoyed my recap of Istanbul. I loved my experience there and hope you plan a trip there as well! The summers are extra hot, so if you can go early Fall, I highly suggest it!


LA Daze

I styled the perfect edgy-chic outfit to wear from day to night! During the day, rock this stellar Ramones top with these high-waisted jeans, and at night, throw on this awesome fuzzy jacket. Let's just say, Big Bird will look at you and say "bish stole my look" and you will feel damn proud of it.

Ben Smith @roguefoto and I had fun shooting this look all conspired from the Foray Collective!

Ready for Spring

Instead of wearing a typical red dress on Valentines day over the weekend, I opted to wear an outfit perfect for a sunny California day. I went on a bit of a prep obsession lately so I picked up this super cute top (only $15 by the way) and paired it with these comfortable high-waisted shorts. Super comfortable and perfect for casual wear or for a vacation. I am thinking Cape Cod perfection!

During the afternoon, I explored DTLA, checked out the LA Book Fair and hit up my favorite sushi spot Kazunori. While there I had the yellowtail, toro and salmon rolls. INCREDIBLE! Then headed to Silverlake to stop by Intelligentsia for some coffee and down the street at Pazzo Gelato for some sorbet!

Ended the night in Malibu at my favorite dinner spot. You may have seen it on my Snapchat! So good!!

Shop the look at the bottom of the post! 


Journey with Javvy: Spain- Barcelona

Touchdown to the liveliest and loveliest city of Barcelona, Spain. A city that truly never sleeps and only eats, shops, dances and relaxes. Sound like somewhere you want to escape to? Well let me tell you my favorite places to do all of the things just mentioned and more.

First thing's first, booking your hotel. If you want to go big, stay at the gorgeous W Hotel that is situated right on the beach. If you want something a little more affordable and closer to the locals, try staying on at the Four Points Sheraton on Avinguda Diagonal. As far as what travel essentials to pack; I tend to look to brands such as; Michael Stars, since they carry comfortable cottons and Soludos shoes, since their espadrilles are great for men and women. For beach wear, guys go for Villebrequin and ladies, try out L* Space by Monica Wise for colorful suits to match the lifestyle there or Becca Swim for cute trendy sets. For night time, since everyone goes out in Barcelona, I wore items from Spell Designs, Riller and Fount and Nines Brand.

Reservations at Barcelona's top restaurants are difficult to get, so my tip is to make your reservations 2 weeks prior to your trip. If you are craving spectacular Michelin star type of food but at approachable prices, go to Cera 23, it is a restaurant off of the beaten path of the La Rambla, but it is absolutely worth it. If you cannot get a reservation, try their sister restaurants; Arume or Viana. For fresh juices and delicious vegan food, go to Teresa Carles. This place is reasonably priced and the food is fresh and flavorful. If you want to go posh try Restaurant Montiel or Acces. If you are craving afternoon fresh oyster shooters and want to shop for produce, spices and meats, a must-see is the La Boqueria, which is an outdoor food market fit for foodies.

There is so much culture, history and beautiful architecture to gaze at, and the best way to see it all is to try one of Barcelona's bus systems. I bought a 2-day pass from Barcelona Bus Turistic and they stop at all of the attractions and you can hop off and go explore and hop on the next bus that comes every 10-15 minutes. You will have an opportunity to see Barcelona's most loved architect's work, Antoni Gaudí. Some of my favorites of his work; La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Mila, which has a rooftop bar. Make sure around 9PM you go see the magic fountain, it lights up the area!

At night time, go explore the shopping, eating and drinking in the La Rambla, which is a fun-filled crowded street in central Barcelona. If you're ready for some sangria, continue your evening at the W hotel poolside bar, then try Eclipse, their lounge upstairs. If you want to continue the night, try a beachside nightclub like Opium and dance the night away. If you rather end your night in a zen way, then book a massage and hammam experience at Aire de Barcelona. It is an underground oasis of relaxation and romance. 

Barcelona is a city you may just fall in love with. I hope you enjoyed my tips, besos.