Journey with Javvy to DTLA: Grand Central Market LA

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I had the most incredible foodie experience at Grand Central Market in DTLA. I was overwhelmed with culture, hipsters, delicious food and an expanded belly at the end of it, but boy was it worth it! If you love different food options and tapas, then I highly suggest going to this place. I want to go back so that I can try out all of the restaurants I was not able to try out quite yet!

I started at Egg Slut (cute name right?) and had one of the most epic sandwiches I have ever had, the Gaucho. This concoction of delight includes seared wagyu tri-tip, chimichurri, red onions, seasoned arugula and it is topped with an over medium egg and nestled into a warm brioche bun. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Next I went to La Tostadera, which is a Mexican cevicheria that offers traditional food with a twist. The fish ceviche I had was impeccable. It brought me back to being in Playa del Carmen, and those ceviche memories are my most favorite. Also the large chips they give to you are so tasty! I want to go back already!

I took a break and had some coffee at G & B coffee house for a delicious espresso and off I went to stuff my stomach at Berlin Currywurst. I had a chicken sausage with orange ginger curry sauce, level 2 heat and man I wish I had room to have it in a bun. I decided to not intake any more bread, so I just had them “paleo” style. They were so full of flavor I wanted to order another one! I was secretly trying to convince my boyfriend to order one, only because I wanted to steal some of his, but he knew what I was up to and quickly told me to carry on to our next spot.

I thought our last spot would be at the incredible Horsethief BBQ just to have mimosas and munch on some more delicious things, but after a mimosa or two we all got hungry again and ended up at the epic McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream. This ice cream is so creamy and delicious, it is the absolute must on any hot day. I have never tasted a creamier sorbet that was dairy free, so major kudos to their mixologists!

I am already looking forward to going back to this wonderful foodie hub and there are so many other spots that I have left to try. I did not have an opportunity to go to Kroft, but I have been to their location in Orange County and they are absolutely delicious!

As far as what to wear, this is a casual spot, so no need to get all uber fancy. I wore high waisted denim jeans, gladiator sandals, chambray shirt and a white crop top paired with my mom’s vintage hat from the 80’s.

You can shop my look below!


Similar and more affordable options of what I am wearing here:

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Don't Celine Me On

I had such a wonderful day with Photographer Runak Chavoshi shooting this pre-summer look! Since our weather is a bit bi-polar, this look allows you to show off some leg. We happened to shoot this look before I wen't blonde, so please don't mind my seemingly bi-polar hair! 

When it comes to handbags, my two favorite luxury brands of all time are Chanel and Celine. Here I am wearing a Celine Luggage Tote Bag. This bag is so chic to carry to any business meeting or just in general if you are a tote-bag carrying kind of girl. The leather is extremely soft yet sturdy and I swear the bag is worth every penny!

To match with the neutral look of the bag, I opted for a similar colored heel, white tennis dress with navy piping and light natural makeup tones.

Enjoy! xo

Summer Must Haves from Shopbop - Save 25%

Check out my lookbook below of my favorite Summer Must Haves from Shopbop. Click your personal favorite below and enter the code Spring25 to save 25% off of your order for their friends and family discount! HELLO Friends! 


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Coachella Guide- 10 tips to survive coachella

Nothing makes me happier than getting ready for music festivals, and then there is this one magical music festival that people from all over the world fly in for, and lucky for me, it is a couple hours away from my backyard! I have all of my Coachella survival guide tips listed for you below and I also have pictures from a fun shoot I did wearing this gorgeous yet affordable outfit. On Thursday I will post all of my favorite fashionista’s pics from previous festivals and also provide you a list of places to shop to get your last minute outfit additions.

1.       Stock up on stylish boho-chic outfits. Some of you may say you go for the music, but I am calling BS on that. If it were just for the music, then it would not be such a fashion show. So since we are all aware that it is a “who wore a cuter outfit” for all of the fashionistas in attendance, I have provided a few tips for you below.  

a.       Loose fitting bottoms, whether that means they are thin printed wide-legged pants or high-waisted shorts. Just make sure they are not glued to you. You want to be able to dance and feel free.

b.      Comfy shoes – booties or converse will be your best friend. Try gladiator sandals if you want to step it up a notch.

c.       Fringe is in- go for it

d.      Body jewelry and flash tattoos- load up on these and place them all over your body. I am really into thigh jewelry these days. It is super sexy and simple.

e.      Leather fanny pack or crossover bag. I do not suggest backpacks because you may not feel someone unzipping your bag while you are busy feelin the music!

f.        Cheap sunnies. Misplacing Chanel sunglasses at the festival sucks. Go to Forever 21 and pick up a pair of fun stylish sunglasses.

2.       Hello H20- the festival is in the desert and you are spending hours in the sun. Make sure you bring cash for water bottles and fuel your body with water and do not forget to grab a snack!

3.       Rent a locker- throw in a jacket or even leggings in there. It gets cold at night and if you had too many treats at the festival the weather changes may bug you.

4.       Cell phone- do not count on having cell phone service. There may be areas that you have service, so expect delays from people you text. To conserve battery, first off bring a mophie, but for all other times you are not using your phone, set it to airplane mode or turn it off completely.

5.       Take car or shuttle service from your house you rented/hotel to the festival instead of driving and parking. Getting out of the parking lot is a nightmare. It takes practically an hour! You can get this information on

6.       Hygiene- don’t be gross. Pack baby wipes for a little DIY shower sesh in the bathrooms, hand sanitizer and travel size deodorant

7.       Beauty- pack a mini sunscreen, lip balm, powder and body spray

8.       If you are camping, bring the necessities! Food, drinks, BEER, Sophia champagne cans (my favorite). You cannot bring this into the actual concert area, but you will need it for your pre and post parties!

9.       Stick with your friends. It is hard to find each other, so if you choose to part ways, set up a meeting point that you will always go if one of you lose each other

10.   My absolute NO NOs-

a.       do not forget bandaids in your bags. If you get blisters on your feet or you fall, you want to make sure you clean the area with water and get yourself fixed so you do not have to leave the show.

b.      Do not try to sneak food or alcohol in

c.       No selfie sticks or video cameras are allowed

d.      No chairs or umbrellas are allowed

e.      Don’t be annoying, everyone is there to have fun so be chill. You paid a lot of money to be there so enjoy it and do not sweat the small stuff!

Journey with Javvy to Italy: Milan

Milan, a huge city nestled in the beautiful country of Italy filled with fashion, delicious food and tons of eccentric people. What I loved most about Milan was running around the streets all day and night finding cool places to eat and drink endless amounts of wine. The way that I was able to transition my style to match this all day marathon of fun was by packing a light leather coat and heels in my day bag. When I was ready to go to a nice dinner or venture to a wine bar, I would switch out my daytime high-tops into something sexy to match the beautiful crowd in this incredible city.

Some of my favorite restaurants are listed for you below:

Fancy eats:

Italian/Mediterranean: Da Vic- Ristorante Guerrini - the flavors of the food there is impeccable

Seafood: Ristorante Glauco

Affordable eats: 

La Pida se' Parsot: great for a quick bite

G.B. Bar: Great cafe for sandwiches and espresso!

Journey with Javvy to Italy: Florence

Oh Firenze.. how it got me in such a frenzy when I had to leave that beautiful city! From the architecture, the cobblestone streets, the impeccable food and the shopping, I absolutely have this on my "must go back" to visit list! I was there for a little less than a week and goodness gracious did I eat. In fact, I made a rule that I had to have four full meals a day to truly get the foodie experience I was hoping to attain while in Florence. Obviously I had to have a treat between those meals, so I took a gelato break each time! Funny thing about traveling to Europe is that you eat an immense amount of food, but since you walk practically everywhere, and there are not gross hormones in their foods, you either don't gain weight, or if you are like me, you may even come back home skinnier!

Because I love you all and want you to have a special experience in Florence, I have a list below on things you absolutely must do, eat and where to shop.

Where to eat/drink:

Per my good friend Kayte, who lived there before and set me up for success on everything Firenze, you should absolutely stay off the touristy streets. The food is going to be double the price and it certainly will not taste as authentic as you would hope it would.

-Sandwiches- Go to All'Antico Vinaio- if you want to have the best sandwich you have ever had in your entire life, then go here. Ask them to make it their way and ensure you ask for some balsamic glaze! Fantastico!

-Pizza- Go to I' Pizzacchiere - you will be able to grab a quick bite of pizza and you will be changed for life.

-Pasta? Go to Yellow Bar- it is fairly close to the Duomo. They have homemade pasta there that is out of this world. Their Fiorentina (Florentine steak) is a must!

-Steak? Go to Golden View- it is across the Ponte Vecchio, on the water. It is romantic and fancy! The authentic florentine food there is phenomenal. 

-Cocktails? Go to Art Bar- it is owned by two Scottish men and all they server is popcorn and the best cocktails you will find in the city. If you are into supreme mixologists, then this is your place. They take 20-minutes just to perfect each cocktail.

-Appetizers? Go to the Santa Croce area- wander over to this church and in the area you will see lots of restaurants open their doors for appertivo, which is Italian appetizer time! Great authentic appetizers!

-Gelato? Go to Marco Ottaviano II Gelato Gourmet- fantastic organic gelato! WOW!

Where to Shop:

-Fashion District- This area is near the Piazza de Republica. This is your mecca of high-fashion. MUST GO!

-San Lorenzo- it is a street market located in between the Duomo and the train station. This is your Italian version of a black market and you will want to find and bargain for some great leather goods

What to See/Do:

-Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore. This is the famous cathedral dome that dominates the Firenze skyline.

-Boboli Gardens- Absolutely beautiful gardens that you would be crazy not to visit.

-Watch sunset on bridge of Ponte Vecchio- and if you are like me, do it while eating a sandwich.

-Day trip to Tuscany- book a tour that will pick you up from your hotel and take you the magical wine country. Eat amazing food and drink plenty of wine! This is absolutely romantic and I highly suggest it!

What to Wear:

People are beyond well-dressed in Florence. Only the tourists are dressed in "touristy" casual attire. Everyone else? Well they look like they just walked out of a Vanity Fair photoshoot. Guys, wear blazers as often as possible, wear loafers, cuffed pants or trousers, and high-tops on casual days. Ladies, wear flowy dresses, leave your crop tops in the states and dress like a chic lady.

Below I have some pics at Hotel Montebello Splendid, a 5-star hotel in Florence, where I am enjoying a lovely afternoon in a cute outfit and sipping on some tea! Ciao Bellas! 

What I am wearing:

Hat: Get it here

Skirt: Get it here

Booties: Get it here

Top: Get it here


Nautical Day Vibes from Day to Night

I cannot be more ready for Spring, and I am thoroughly excited that it is right around the corner. I wanted to show you the perfect dress to wear to just brunch with the girls or even to a party at night. All you need to do is ditch the casual hat at night and you have a great evening wear outfit. The hat, which happens to be a vintage one I stole from my mom from the 80's, brings in neutral tones so it allows this look to be perfect for the daytime. The dress itself is lightweight and perfect for warmer temperatures. 

Take a look at the pictures and shop the look below!


Get This Look!

Dress: Liberty Sage

Jewelry: Elise M. Collections

Shoes: Adrianna Papell

Healthy Foods to Incorporate in Your Life

We are all always looking for the next best diet trick, or the next best "kale" to incorporate in our lives, but don't get all wrapped up in that. It is important to have a balanced diet, but try adding in some healthier alternatives here and there. Make it more of a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

Below you will find 7 must-haves to include in your "lifestyle"

1. Hemp hearts- These are powerful super seeds that pack 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omega. Similar to chia and flaxseed, but more nutritional benefits! Throw it in your salads, smoothies or even some oatmeal in the morning!

2. Avocado- The easiest go-to snack! Slice that sucker open, add a little lime juice, salt, lemon pepper and voila, you have an easy healthy snack. You can also pair avocados with just about anything. You can make guacamole, put it on lettuce wraps, salads, and even with eggs in the morning.

3. Apple Cider or Balsamic Vinegar (organic of course)- Vinegar is your best friend. It is packed with probiotics so it helps you digest food easier and it is also filled with antioxidents that will help counter the effects of free radicals. Read about free radicals here

4. Fresh Citrus Juice- This is the easiest to incorporate since you probably already have a ton of limes and lemons in your fridge. Switch up your water drinking routine by adding in lemon into your water. Citrus fruits offer a great range of vitamin C, folate and potassium. 

5. Almond butter- This is a great protein punch when you are on the go. Add some onto a banana in the morning or for an afternoon snack. Did I mention it is also ridiculously delicious?

6. Flax oil- This is a fantastic addition to any salad dressing, shake or even just your oatmeal. The taste obviously is not the loveliest so that is why I suggest adding it to something you are about to eat or drink. Flax oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and it is also gluten free, vegan friendly and is non-gmo.

7. Hummus- Since hummus is so rich in protein, it can help you fight hunger by keeping you full for longer! Use hummus in place of mayo on sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. It is delicious!

Hope you enjoyed these healthy tips!


How to Rock a Matching Set the Right Way

I am back at it with a matching two-piece set. The look of this two piece is incredible, but that is not what made me fall in love with it fully, it is because of how high-quality the fabric is. The skirt also does a magic trick and sucks in any "curves" I do not want to highlight, which was an added bonus!

I paired this set with a an oxblood colored hat, which I am not sure if you knew, it is this season's hottest color! I toned down the rest of the outfit with neural heels, a gem and stone mid-length necklace from Chanel and a gold Chanel bag.

This outfit is perfect for a date or even just a fancy dinner party! You will be sure to make waves when entering a crowded room with this winning matching set!

The pics from the shoot are below! 




Matching Set: WOW Couture, Similar Here

Heels: Michael Kors, Similar Here

Valentine's Day Must Haves

I picked my favorites for you to grab right before Valentine's day to look extra sleek and sexy!

Enjoy love bugs!

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