Journey with Javvy: What to do in Barcelona - Gaudi, La Sagrada, The Mercado and the Las Ramblas

Au revoir Paris, I am ready to be sexy and samba like the Catalonians do in Spain! Trust me, leaving Paris was pretty heartbreaking to me but little did I know what an incredible experience I would have in Barcelona, Spain! Spain is known for a few things; their nude beaches, sexy people with the best bodies,  the best tapas, the Las Ramblas (which I will provide more detail on later) and the beautiful architecture created by Antoni Gaudi, who is mostly referred to simply as Gaudi.  Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect is best known for practicing Catalan Modernism for his projects. His work is breathtaking, and I am happy to share one of my favorites with you in my photos below.

I have created a Day 1 Where to Go in Barcelona guide below:

1.       Start your mornings and end your evenings  on the Playa (the beach)

2.       INSIDER TIP: Grab a bike (or a scooter if you choose to visit them all) and go visit some of my favorite Gaudi’s masterpieces throughout the city.

a.       La Sagrada de Família- This beautiful basilica has been under construction since 1883, yes that is over 100 years! Take a tour inside (which I suggest) or just enjoy the beautiful architecture before your eyes. Grab a coffee at Farggi, it is a cute café right by the Sagrada.

b.      Casa Batlló- This beautiful stone building is one of his most famous structures. The exterior contains a colorful mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles!

c.       Casa Milà- This is the last civil project that Gaudi worked on. This also has an incredible rooftop bar! Make sure you go to this one!

d.      Casa Calvet- This was one of Gaudi’s unusual projects as this project is rather symmetrical and balanced and if you are a Gaudi fan, you know that is not his style!

e.      Casa Vicens- This was Gaudi’s first most important work. It is a private residence so you cannot go inside, but the outside is beautiful!

f.        Park Güell- For incredible views of the city during sunset you absolutely need to go to this park!

3.       Third stop: The Mercado aka the Market. This place is amazing! Street vendors, fruits, fresh fish and most importantly the best coconut juice I have ever had. This is a must see!

4.       Venture to the Las Ramblas. The Ramblas is filled with high-end and fast-fashion shopping, tons of tapas bars and great people watching! INSIDER TIP: if you venture away from all of the touristy spots you may just have the best meal of your life.

5.       INSIDER TIP: Dinner- If you do absolutely nothing in Barcelona you need to at least go to dinner at Arume, it opened this year too! This is off of the beaten path of the Ramblas but it is the cutest spot with incredible food. You feel like family when you eat here. It is not modern or uber fancy on the inside, but the décor is authentic, and the food is 5 stars worthy. The head chef behind the menu is a Michelin rated chef, so trust me, its savory! Here is the address (Carrer de Botella, 11, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Their number is +34 933 154 872).

Fashion wise! Wear a comfy cotton dress if you feel like flashing all of Barcelona like I did that day. If not, wear shorts! Trust me..wear shorts, a comfortable tank and some converse sneakers. INSIDER TIP: Wear a fanny pack with the zipper facing you. I know, you won’t feel cute but there are a ton of pick-pocketers on the Las Ramblas!

I will have more Barcelona tips on my Barcelona part 2 post next week! Stay tuned!


It's Always Sunny in California with Triangl Swimwear

I absolutely love a good swimsuit that can fit my figure. I have a small waist (when I do not stuff my face with cheetos and donuts) but a pretty big behind that I can thank my mom for. Finding a swimsuit that can not swallow up the bottoms is key and that is why I absolutely love this bikini from Triangl Swimwear. The suit is chic and it belongs on a yacht in Santorini, and you can bet I am bringing it next year when I go! Check out some of my favorite shots from our shoot featuring my new bikini!

Shop This Look!

Bikini: Triangl Swimwear

Hat: Brixton Hat

Skirt: Helmut Lang

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DIY Beauty: Six of the Best All Natural Homemade Masks

I have listed my top five favorite at home organic mask remedies for your face! These are easy peasy to make and will save you a ton of money by making these with the ingredients you may already have stowed away!

1. GLOW It UP!

Want that dewy skin look you see on stars like Kim Kardashian? Try this honey and orange mask that also sounds so delicious you will want to eat it! It will only take a half hour out of your day!

Citrus Honey Boo Boo


3 tbsp orange juice

1/2 cup of honey

Directions: Combine both ingredients and apply it to the face. Leave on for a half hour. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow that up by rinsing with cold water (close up those pores!). Do not forget to moisturize afterwards!


2. Soothe Me Up Buttercup

This is for you hard working mind and body! Take 30 minutes out of your day to apply this soothing mask filled with natural anti-inflammatory remedies. Nutmeg and honey are known to help reduce redness and swelling in your skin. I have a feeling you may want to eat this goodie mixture!

Nutty about You Honey


2 tbsp honey

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon


Mix all ingredients until a thick paste is formed. Apply paste to your face and relax for the next 30 minutes and let all of the nutrients absorb into your skin. Wash it off with lukewarm water in circular motions. The nutmeg and cinnamon will work to exfoliate your dull skin! 


3. FEEL Alive and Awaken that skin!

Coffee mixed with cocoa? Reminds me of Christmas morning! This is a perfect pick me up for dry and dull skin! Let’s just say you may want to even drink some of it! 

Cocolicious Mornings


8 Tbsp of milk (For thicker masks use less milk. You can also use almond or coconut milk. If you want to substitute these you can try an egg or even olive or coconut oil! Totally up to you)

4 Tbsp ground espresso or coffee beans. Shucks you can even use instant coffee!

4 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (basically just use Hersey's you have in your cabinet already or any store brand)

2 Tbsp honey if you have dry skin or swap it with lemon juice if you have oily skin


Mix all ingredients to create a paste. Leave this on your skin for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water in circular motions. Pat dry. Do not forget to moisturize afterwards!


4. ACNE is Not Your Friend

Personally I used to suffer with acne and it was not a fun or cute period in my life. I was tired of all of the chemicals I had to use to try to get rid of it, so I looked into natural remedies. Here is a good one that helps tighten your pores and controls your oily skin.

Eggy White and Acne is Not Nice


1 egg white

1 ripe avocado (mash that sucker up!)

1 tsp lemon juice


Combine ingredients with a wooden spoon. Apply to a clean face (avoid your eye area) and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse and continue with your regular beauty routine (ie: toner or moisturizer). 


5. Bop Those Spots 

This mask works wonders for those suffering with hyperpigmentation and sunspots. With millions of chemical induced treatments out there on the market, try giving your skin a break and try this at home remedy.


1/2 cup of mashed papaya

2 Tbsp honey


Blend together ingredients and apply to your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Finish by pat drying with a face towel and applying moisturizer.


Enjoy loves!


Journey with Javvy: Le Marais and the Siene River

Probably my favorite relax day in Paris was our all day stroll through Le Marais. To be honest the Marais reminded me of the West Village in NYC but obviously, a bit more architecturally fascinating. Come on, we were in Paris. Everything is better in Paris!

The Marais is filled with a mix of high-end and fast-fashion shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife. What I loved about it were the crooked medieval lanes that were filled with cool places to eat and drink or even drop into an art museum. I was stopped by an artist while strolling in the area and he asked me to attend his art show, but unfortunately I was flying to Barcelona (not so unfortunate because Barca is amazing) that same day, but I truly was honored he extended an invite my way. I began to feel as if I could get used to this whole Parisian living situation..croissants everyday, high-fashion, handsome men and incredible art. Not so bad!

Insider tip: Le Marais is the closest feeling you will get to pre-revolutionary Paris and it is a very cute area that should be on your must list. Make sure you go through the Bastille area and the Jewish quarter and go get falafels at L'As du Fallafel. Hands down the best falafel I have ever had! Once you are done eating and shopping, hop across the beautiful Siene river and go see Notre Dame. How could you not!? (address: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France). Just some history for you, Notre Dame (also known as "Our Lady of Paris") happens to be a historic catholic cathedral that brings millions of tourists each year. When you see this gigantic cathedral you will be in shock and in love all at the same time if you are an architecture junkie as this is a fine example of french-gothic architecture. Go light a candle for a loved one if you happen to arrive before it closes. The naturalism of its stained glass windows and sculptures contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture.

Once it hits nightfall, go for a romantic walk along the Siene River and go see the love lock bridge. Or if you really want to, hop on a boat tour of the Siene. It is SO romantic and worth every penny. 

Enough about architecture and rivers! Let's move on to what to wear for your long day adventure. Try wearing a comfortable sundress and make sure you wrap a sweater around your shoulder or waist as the temperature drops big time in September in Paris at nighttime. 

Hope you enjoyed my Paris travel tips for the Le Marais!


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Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: James Perse (similar)

Journey with Javvy: Paris to Versailles France

One of the most remarkable parts of my journey in Paris was taking the train to Versailles and seeing the famous Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles, is a royal château in the Île-de-France region of France. In French, it is known as the Château de Versailles. This palace is unlike anything I have ever seen with my own eyes. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have visited. There is so much to do there and I am very excited to share with you all of my insider tips.

Insider tip: Don't worry about packing a picnic beforehand. Just bring a small blanket to lay on and go to the cafe that is to the right of the entrance. It is right off of the street before you get to the golden gated entrance. The tuna and chicken sandwiches were definitely the best! If you hate mayo, make sure you ask for no mayo, otherwise the French love adding on loads of it to your sandwiches! The quality of the meat and fish there was amazing and the baguette is even tastier! Take your handy-dandy blanket and park yourselves anywhere in this place. But I do suggest doing it by the lake. You will not be disappointed. 

There are two options you are given when you get to the gates. You can purchase a ticket to view the museum inside of the palace which is filled with gorgeous art, or your can decide to just view the grounds. Insider tip: Both have a fee, but I highly suggest you see both if you have the time for it. You can truly spend your entire day there. Go on the Versailles website and see when the ballet is. If you happen to be traveling to France when the palace has a ballet show, I sure hope you make sure you get a ticket to see it. 

I loved learning about the history behind this château and was surprised to hear that this is not just a tourist attraction, the Hall of Mirrors within the palace still serves political functions. Heads of state are regaled in the Hall of Mirrors to make amendments to the French Constitution. Cool right!?

The grounds are what you see in your dreams when you are dreaming of fairytales and butterflies. Note to all guys, if you plan on proposing, do it here. No girl on this planet would ever be disappointed! I have never seen so many perfectly lined trees, an endless maze of shrubs, the most colorful bloomed flowers and a serene lake that was probably used in the movie The Notebook, until I visited this place. It gets more special, you can rent a row boat and row through this spectacular lake! If you love tours, you can rent a golf cart that has a voice recorded tour guide attached (that way you can tour the gardens without getting your feet tired)! If you are not into that, find a local spot in Versailles that rents bikes. That is the only thing that I wish we had that day, an opportunity to bike through the grounds. 

Fashion wise, I wore something loose and comfortable. A floral high-waisted skirt, gladiator sandals that I placed Dr. Scholl's arch support stickies in and an off-the-shoulder top. Make sure to wear sunglasses, the sun is blaring out in Versailles!

Hope you enjoyed my insider tips for your next travel to Versailles!


Shirt: Stella Laguna Beach (similar)

Skirt: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo (similar)


DIY Halloween Costume: Gumball Machine

It is that time of year again! Instead of going to the halloween store and dropping major cash on a costume, use that cash to buy yourself something nice that you will use over and over again. I personally only spent $7 to make this ADORABLE gumball machine costume and I have all of the details on how to make one of these for yourself below!

What you will need:

Gumballs- go to the candy store and buy a gumball machine refill pack. It was only $6!

Old bra you don't care for anymore

Pink or Red pencil skirt

Glue gun

Black Sharpie (optional)

Silver colored shipping bag or just duct tape (optional)


How to make it:

Line the bra with a strip of the hot glue and quickly begin adding the gumballs. I added pink across the top and mixed up the colors as I moved down the bra line by line. It is important not to put glue all over the bra and think you could quickly add them on there. You really won't and it will be a HOT mess. Literally! GREAT TIP: Do not put gumballs on your shoulder straps or the back part of your bra as those need to stretch around your body and the glue will not allow for your straps to stretch. Voila, your delicious bra is done!

Lucky for me I had a pink pencil skirt already in my closet so I opted for that but if you want to TRULY look like a gumball machine, opt for a red skirt. You can find these at Forever 21, H&M or any fast fashion store. OPTIONAL: With duct tape or the silver shipping bag (as pictured above) create a square that you will sew or glue on to the front of your skirt. On the silver square, write 25 cents to make it look even more like a gumball machine!

This literally took me 25 minutes to make. Easy as pie! Good luck and feel free to email me if you have any questions!


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Fashion Meets Art: Javvy's Art Series at the LACMA Museum

Three things I respect so much are Art, architecture and fashion. I am grateful to live in Southern California as I am able to enjoy the amazing ever-changing exhibitions at the LACMA museum. One thing the LACMA is famous for is Chris Burden's "Urban Light", which is a built in exhibition of light-poles in front of the museum. They look airy and beautiful during the day and at night when they are all lit up, it can give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be walking around Paris at night. 

I wanted to pair my outfit with the art I was viewing, so you can see here I wore a two-piece set that matched the Mark Rothko painting inside of the museum. The outfit details can be found below the pics!

Top and skirt: Rules of Etiquette (similar)

Shoes: Prada

Journey with Javvy: Paris- Sacré-Cœur, Parc Monceau, Arc de Triomphe and Maison Ladurée

My third day in Paris was quite the long adventure! I wanted to hit some major landmarks and also find some time to do my favorite thing in Paris, which of course consumes of unapologetically consuming dessert. Hopped in cab and went to the beautifully historic and charming area of Montmarte, which happens to be where the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is located. This famous landmark in Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica and often simply Sacré-Cœur, is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The architecture and art within this church are truly awe-inspiring. The ceiling mural will cause you to question how on earth someone was talented enough and patient enough to paint something that intricate. I highly suggest you go see it (address: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France)!

To enjoy the surroundings in Montmarte, we rented bikes through the public transportation system which is absolutely the BEST way to see Paris. You are able to see more throughout this large city and if you like a certain area, feel free to stop and park your bike and roam around. You will find these public bike stops all throughout the city. You essentially register online with your credit card and pay a couple of dollars and it is so simple to use. Here is an insider tip: switch your bike every 30 minutes whenever you see one of those bike stops because your ride will be free!

After finishing in Montmarte, and of course stopping to take photos in front of the infamous Moulin Rouge, we ventured to a more local upper-echeleon area outside of Montmarte filled with yuppie children with their nannies, business people roaming around on their lunch break and simply just ladies of leisure (umm sign me up??). We noticed that this particular location was where Parc Monceau lived (address: 35 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France). This particular park was on my top 10 spots in Paris I wanted to visit so I was delighted that it was right there before my eyes. We parked and ditched our bikes and literally just sat and people watched. The roman-styled architecture was so incredible we did not want to stop staring at it. Since our hunger began to set in, we spotted a little cafe right across the street from the back entrance to the park and brought our croissants and sandwiches back to the park to continue enjoying the structures and people.

Next up on my list was the Arc de Triomphe (address: Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France) which would then lead us to the famous street of Champs Elysees. It was really cool to see this extraordinarily large arch in the city. It sits right in the middle of an extremely busy roundabout and is filled with tourists directly under it. Speaking of tourist central, we then decided to do a little shopping on Champs Elysees at Lancel, Laduree and Massimo Duitti. Insider tip: Lancel is a beautiful high end designer store and I highly suggest you check it out. If you are not going to Barcelona, then I also suggest you shop at Massimo. If you do go to Barcelona, Massimo Duitti is cheaper there because it is a Spanish brand!

Now on to fashion. I kept it very comfortable this day due to all the walking! I wore a jumper, high tops, packed a light sweater and scarf for when it got cold at night. I brought the necessities so that I would not need to go back to the hotel. Later that night we ended up changing and going back to the hotel to go have a lavish dinner at Hotel Costes and later champagne at Hotel George V (thanks to my girlfriend Tammy for these reccos). This place is very boujie so make sure you are dressed to the nines! I promised no photos to my boo for that night so I am sorry I do not have any to share, but you can check out Hotel Costes here and Hotel George V here! Insider tip: These spots are an actual must to complete your Parisian affair!

Hope you enjoyed all of my insider Paris travel tips so far!

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Sweater: J Crew

Shoes: Superga

Jumper: Similar one

Hat: Merona


Fall's Must Haves!

I perused the internet to find you all the must haves for Fall! Here are a few of them below, but you can see the whole collection under my Shop Savvy section!

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Casual Friday: Savvy Javvy x Piperlime "Moments of Chic"

I am very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Piperlime for their Moments of Chic campaign. My forte is corporate fashion and it could not be more fitting than to post an outfit from Piperlime as they are my go-to for business chic attire. I will admit, I also go on there and splurge on their cute casual wear as well since they have over 250 different brands on their site!

With this collaboration with Piperlime, I had an opportunity to play with Citizen's of Humanity denim and an icy creamy gold sheer top by Rhyme Los Angeles. To add some flair I added a blazer from Banana Republic and the it-bag of the year (which happens to be sold out until December 2014), the Mansur Gavriel mini black flamma bucket bag. This outfit can be dressed up with black pumps, or dressed down with some Superga white high tops (just ditch the blazer). Whatever your preference is, you will not go wrong with this outfit. Check out the pics from my #momentsofchic shoot!


Ditch the blazer for a more casual look!

OR..ditch the blazer and the heels and throw on some high-tops for a daytime look!